Leading board games producer, Cartamundi, rounds up top choices of board and card games to everyone entertained during new lockdown

From boozy drinking games to fun for all the family during the national lockdown, Cartamundi’s top picks will bring a lot of laughs and lots of fun throughout the lockdown.

For adults

Celebrity Scandals – Available from ALDI – £4.99

How well do you know your celebrity scandals? Celebrity Scandals is the ultimate game for those obsessed with celebrity controversy. The aim of the game is to is to match the famous quote to the infamous celebrity scandal!

Celebrity Scandals features your favourite celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kevin Hart, as well as celebs known for being in the scandalous limelight such as Donald Trump & Kim Kardashian. One thing is for sure, you will be thinking about your favourite celebs in a different way after playing this game!

Millennial AF – Available from Argos – £20

Who is the most millenial out of your friends and family? Find out with Millennial AF!

Bizarre yet typically millenial traits are presented on a Who’s most likely to… format. Your task is to decide which player is most likely to do or say what’s on each card. Millennials are a complicated bunch, so be prepared to lol at these totally extra but totally relatable actions! Millennial AF is even more woke than almond flour, vegan chocolate and Billie Eilish!

JOMO – Available from Argos – £20

We have all heard of FOMO but now it’s all about JOMO, The Joy of Missing Out. The Question is, who can come up with the best excuse to miss out? Simply, each player receives 10 white cards and a black card is turned over. Then it is who can come up with the most obscene excuse for a random situation on the black cards, using their white cards as the sentence ending. Warning, be sure not to use this excuses in real life!

For the whole family

Harry Potter Race To The Tri-Wizard Cup – Available from The Works – £15 (40% off)

Calling all Harry Potter super-fans! Are you ready for the next Wizarding World adventure with the ultimate Race to the Triwizard Cup?

From Dodging the Dragons, landing on Magical Encounters, playing your next Spell Card or passing the Golden Egg, this is the phenomena that will put your inner Wizardry to the test. The must-have companion for all Harry Potter fans and those who are up for a thrilling challenge against all odds!

Frozen 2 Charades – Available from Amazon – £19.99

A Frozen twist on a much-loved family classic, this game is perfect for the fans of the most recent movie in the franchise with the characters playing charades in the film! Role the dice and race around the board whilst playing charades along the way, first to the end wins!

Disney Race Home Princess Game – Available from Argos – £25

Play the Disney+ princess take on the classic Ludo game with Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine and Belle, be the first home to win! Land on another character and send them back, so watch out where you land on the way. . .