Leading chilled pasta brand, Dell’Ugo, set to disrupt market with new launch

UK consumers love pasta. In Britain, the average consumption of pasta per head is now 4.5kg (10lb) – about 52 helpings a year, or one a week. The Pasta category is now valued at nearly £150 million and Dell’Ugo is leading the way within the innovative chilled and filled category, and set to shake up the retail landscape with its new pasta concept.

The new Dell’Ugo Pasta Plus range offers consumers a complete meal without the need to purchase additional sauces. It is a well-known chefs trick to enhance and complete the dish by melting butter over the hot pasta, to add a silky, luxurious texture.

The Dell’Ugo chefs have developed a delicious range of infused butters made using freshly churned Somerset milk. The simple message ‘Melt Me’ conveys the simplicity of the new range that delivers on the concept, quality and taste.

Scott Williams, sales controller at Dell’Ugo, says: “Dell’Ugo is a category driver for chilled and filled pasta and this latest launch further positons the brand as pioneers within the category. We are excited to be leading the way in product innovation within the category and looking forward to welcoming a new wave of consumers that demand delicious dishes that are incredibly convenient.” 

The Dell’Ugo Pasta Plus range includes the following choices to stock and sell.  Simply select from:

  • Ricotta & Spinach Ravioli + Sage Butter
  • Butternut Squash Fiorelli + Herb & Garlic Butter
  • Tomato & Mozzarella Fiorelli + Basil Butter
  • Goats’ Cheese & Beetroot Fiorelli + Mint Butter
  • Asparagus & Mozzarella Ravioli + Lemon Butter

The Pasta Plus range, also features Dell’Ugo’s new design – a clean matt black background, with an embossed title and spot varnish finish, which showcases the premium quality and image of the new range and brand heritage. 

“For nearly a century, Dell’Ugo has inspired and encouraged at-home chefs to experiment, using only the best, most authentic Italian ingredients.  Keeping a close eye on emerging and future trends, we have developed a breakthrough range and concept to really shake up the pasta market in 2017,” said Paul Ugo, chairman of Dell Ugo.

Dell’Ugo’s Pasta plus is the ultimate flavour filled convenient meal, which brings a delicious combination of mouth-watering fillings, alongside perfectly chosen complimentary butters to enhance all aspects of the dish. 

Dell’Ugo Pasta Plus will consist of 250mg Pasta + 25 mg Herb Butter, and will have an RRP £3.99 per pack.