Leading experts join forces for Positively Charged 7 webinar to discuss roadmap to sustainability for drinks industry

A panel of industry experts is coming together to discuss what drinks brands can do to reduce their CO2 footprint in an effort to combat the climate emergency.

Led by sustainable calvados brand, Avallen, the event is a continuation of their “Positively Charged” series, which offers bite size chunks of curated and co-created wisdom with a single aim – to light up the sustainability conversation in the drinks industry using a balanced blend of expertise, creativity, and positivity.

Previous events have focused on a host of environmental topics including restorative business practice, the future of ingredients, trends and creativity in the drinks industry, supporting biodiversity, green design and planet-positive packaging, and terroir and the importance of nurturing the natural growing conditions.

Positively Charged 7, the first instalment of 2021, will centre on why and how drinks brands can “Bee More” as action on the Climate Emergency becomes more urgent.

Paul Gabie, CEO at ecoSPIRITS; Roel Drost PhD, chief value officer at Ecochain Technologies; Sam Boex, co-founder of Flexi-Hex; Tim Etherington-Judge, co-founder of Avallen Spirits and host Stephanie Jordan, CEO and co-founder of Avallen Spirits will meet on Zoom on Wednesday 5th May at 1pm for a webinar discussing best practice for the spirits sector.

The panel, made up of companies who are taking direct action to combat the drinks industries emissions, will discuss what drinks brands can do to reduce their CO2 footprint including conducting a LifeCycle Analysis, innovation in packaging and distribution.