Leading UK halal brand more than triples its chilled lines into national retail

Following impressive growth in its frozen lines, leading halal brand Humza is launching 11 new chilled skus into national retail to expand its convenience offering to busy families.

The fresh and ‘ready to eat’ lines include popular and traditional snacking staples from samosas and kebabs to a spicy selection of chicken strips, wings and slices. It brings the Humza chilled range to a total of 16 skus.

The premium, chilled products have been launched as part of the brand’s drive to expand its offering of convenience foods to the halal sector. Its authentic range of ready-to-eat products are perfect for discerning consumers on the go. The range combines select cuts of halal meat, blended with the finest spices and exotic herbs for an unmistakeable home-cooked taste.

All 16 lines have been launched into Morrisons this month, with Adsa launching five products in store during the last week and Tesco also offering five skus from the original line-up since late last year.

The full chilled range now includes: 

  • Humza Chicken Charcoal Kebabs – 200g RRP £2.49
  • Humza Meat Charcoal Kebabs – 200g RRP £2.49 
  • Humza Chicken Samosas – 200g RRP £2.49
    Humza Meat Samosas – 200g RRP £2.49
  • Humza Vegetable Samosas – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Hot n Spicy Chicken Strips  – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Southern Fried Chicken Strips – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Chicken Punjabi Samosas – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Meat Punjabi Samosas – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Marinated Chicken Tikka – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Piri Piri Chicken Strips – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Piri Piri Chicken Wings – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Chicken Tikka Slices – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Piri Piri Chicken Slices – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Tandoori Chicken Slices – 200g RRP £2.49
  • NEW Lemon and Herb Slices – 200g RRP £2.49

Flying Trade Group’s premium Humza frozen range features samosas, spring rolls, kebabs, grills, burgers, sausages and frozen vegetables popular in halal cooking. 

Speaking about the new lines Flying Trade group managing director Harry Dulai said: “Due to the enormous success of our frozen lines we are now expanding rapidly into the chilled sector with all the major retailers.

“The UK market has had to rely heavily on scratch cooking to guarantee the provenance of meat in popular everyday items like samosas and pizza. However, the enormous success of our brand, double digit growth in the last year alone, is evidence that consumers are on the look-out for premium quality, convenient, halal food.

“Half of the UK’s Muslim population is under the age of 25 and young markets love and demand convenience in line with busy modern lives. As such this is just the tip of the iceberg and we will continue to expand our offering of convenient frozen and chilled food products to give Muslim consumers greater choice, without compromising on faith.”

The Humza brand is now in over 1,000 national retail stores, including Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrisons.  In line with the brand’s commitment to expand its convenience offering, Humza now offers over 20 different frozen products together with 15 chilled lines, many with national retail listings.

With over 3 million Muslims living in the UK, (5% of the UK population) 90% of which follow a strict halal diet, sales of halal food have sky-rocketed in the UK during recent years.

Flying Trade Group only recently stepped into the burgeoning halal convenience food sector with the acquisition of leading halal frozen food specialists Humza, and soon after TOP 10 UK pizza brand Gino’s Foods – a halal ethnic pizza specialist. It has since become a major player in the sector, quickly attracting listings in all the major supermarkets.

Last year the Humza brand also tripled its frozen lines into Tesco and Morrisons adding 15 new Skus to its total product range, from traditional flaky paratha and authentic, ready to puff chapattis to microwaveable lamb and chicken seekh kebabs as well as some more modern lines including southern fried chicken burgers and piri piri chicken goujons.