Leading vacuum storage specialist, Packmate, revamps entire product range


Leading vacuum storage specialist, Packmate, has revamped its entire product range.

New look range

The popular household staple which comes in a variety of sizes and is the homemaker’s ideal solution to seasonal decluttering, now has relaunched to market with several updated features including a new zipper, improved valves and eco-friendly packaging.

The new seal system is designed to help users clearly see if their bag is perfectly closed so that they can achieve maximum compression. One strip is yellow and the opposite side is blue, and when the zipper is sealed correctly it changes to green, fully protecting items from damp and dust.

The valve has also been updated to be compatible with more corded and cordless vacuums than ever before. This makes it more accessible for consumers looking for an easier way to store away bulky items like winter duvets, towels, clothes, cushions and more.

And for the eco-conscious, the packaging has been completely refreshed with a huge reduction on the amount of single-use plastic used. 

There are now two choices of packaging to suit stockists, box packaging and film packs. The new box packaging has been rolled out to Lakeland stores around the UK, the supply of which alone has saved over 20 tonnes of plastic packaging. The film packs have also been given a green boost and 50% of the material is now post-consumer recycled.

Managing director of Packmate, Duncan Pratt-Thompson, commented: “We are always looking for innovative and creative new ways to improve all of our products. We listened to our customers and designed a new seal function that will help the end user to get the best out of our vacuum packed bags.

“The new green zipper is designed to make life even easier for consumers. We live in a fast-paced world now so if they can quickly and easily see that their vacuum packed bags are properly sealed using the colour system, then I am happy knowing we’ve improved that user experience.

“We also reviewed the valve. More people than ever before use a cordless vacuum, whilst it’s impossible to create a valve that is compatible to every vacuum on the market, we can develop a valve that is close to suiting the most popular vacuums both with and without a cord. We have hacks and handy tips on our website too which can help consumers to use our storage bags with their vacuum.

“Finally, as a leading product supplier to consumers across the UK, it is our responsibility to make sure we’re doing everything we can to lessen the impact on the environment. We’ve completely changed our packaging and removed as much single-use plastic as we can.” 

The flat and high volume vacuum storage bags (RRP £12.99) come in a variety of sizes from medium (great for clothing and cushions) to large, extra-large and jumbo – capable of storing a Queen or King size duvet.

Packmate has a wide range of vacuum storage bags, which allow you to store up to four times more in your home. By simply removing the air with a vacuum cleaner, Packmate bags compress clothes and bedding so they take up less precious storage space in wardrobes, cupboards and under beds. Not only that, but they protect belongings from damp, dust and household pests too.