Liberation Foods adds Fairtrade peanut butter to Harry Hill range

New Fairtrade peanut butter in Harry's Nuts range

New Fairtrade peanut butter in Harry's Nuts range

Fairtrade nut company Liberation Foods is adding peanut butter to its range of Harry’s Nuts Fairtrade nutty products, which feature the comedian Harry Hill.

The new Fairtrade Crunchy Peanut Butter will be listed in 190 Sainsbury’s stores from June 2011.

The Harry’s Nuts Fairtrade nuts brand has been developed by Liberation Foods with Harry, who makes no money from the range. Hill came up with the idea to help small peanut farmers in Malawi sell their crops in the UK and not for peanuts at the roadside.

Harry’s Nuts! extra roasted Fairtrade salted peanuts and cashews are already available in Sainsbury’s, as well as in Tesco, Waitrose, via Ocado and other outlets.

The peanuts come from farming groups in Malawi, Mozambique and Nicaragua, which co-own Liberation Foods, along with other farming groups in Asia and Latin America .

Hill said: “It’s great news that Sainsbury’s is stocking my Harry’s Nuts! Peanut Butter – I crush all the nuts my self with specially adapted hob nail boots. It’s the only way I can get that lovely crunchy texture. The only problem is I am often followed home by two or three squirrels – but I can live with that!”

The TV Burp star is reported to be a big salted peanut lover and long-standing supporter of Fairtrade.

A Fairtrade smooth peanut butter is also available under the Harry’s Nuts! label.

The product designers are Brand Opus, the award-winning company which redesigned the Harry’s Nuts! snack nut range last year.

The peanut butter is produced by family-owned company Duerrs, pioneers of Fairtrade jam and manufacturers of supermarket own label peanut butter as well as their own.

Liberation Foods was established with financial backing from Comic Relief and other charities to help small nut farmers and gatherers trade their way out of poverty.

The company is owned by farming organisations, charities and other ethical investors and is run for the benefit of the farmers who are represented on the company’s board.

Liberation Foods supplies 80% of the UK ’s Fairtrade nuts to major supermarkets under the Harry’s Nuts! and Liberation ranges, and in the natural nuts sold at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons for their own label ranges. The RRP of the peanut butter is £1.69.

Liberation’s managing director Kate Gaskell said: “Harry Hill is an unlikely but passionate ambassador for Fairtrade nuts. We’re delighted to extend the Harry’s Nuts! brand into a family staple like peanut butter…watch out for more nuttiness from Harry’s Nuts! soon.”

The development of a peanut crop in Malawi, which is high enough in quality and big enough in quantity to be exported to the UK and used in products such as Harry’s Nuts!, has led to a brand new project in Malawi – the Afri-Nut Company – a peanut processing plant in the capital, Lilongwe.

This plant will be used to blanch and process the peanuts and the paste created there will be used in ‘Plumpy Nut’ sachets (Ready to Use Therapeutic Foods) to help fight malnutrition in children in Malawi and elsewhere in Africa .

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