Liberté debuts new look for ultimate indulgence

Yoplait’s premium yogurt brand Liberté has undergone a stylish redesign. Available now, the new look calls out the natural ingredients and luxurious, thick texture in each pot. 

Rich in protein and free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, Liberté is created with two simple ingredients – milk and microbiological yogurt culture. The new on-pack stamp demonstrates how it is strained to be naturally thick, highlighting its simplicity and respect for authenticity. 

Clean and clear, the new design of Liberté aims to educate shoppers on the difference between the rich, thick and smooth yogurt, and others on the market. Extremely versatile, it can be enjoyed for multiple occasions; the Liberté Natural is delicious for breakfast, while Liberté Excellence is a perfect indulgent dessert. 

Joanna Goodman, marketing manager, Yogurt at General Mills, said: “We want to liberate our consumer’s taste buds. The new premium, contemporary and sophisticated look helps us to do just this, while reinforcing the texture and creaminess of the product. 

“We want to educate shoppers through our packaging that Liberté is a product that is pure luxury from the pot right through to the taste.” 

Liberté is available in all major multiples including Waitrose, RRP dependent on format: 

  • Liberté 4x100g: £2.25
  • Liberté 450g: £2.05