Lidl launches new British Craft Beer Festival including Banana Bread and Bubblegum Beers


Lidl is celebrating the best of British brewers with its spring British Craft Beer Festival 2021, with prices starting from £1.29. This latest collection features 20 beers sourced from new and exclusive breweries located all over the UK, from Dundee in Scotland to Wales and North & South of England, meaning there is a pint for every palette. 

Feeling fruity? Lidl’s British Craft Beer Festival has plenty of fantastic flavours to choose from. Those looking for a taste of something tropical will want to try 71 Brewing’s Luminous Nights (7.4% ABV, £1.99), exclusively available at Lidl. This hoppy double NEIPA provides a big tropical hit with strong stone fruit and mango flavours, and at £1.99 is fantastic quality & value. 

At the other end of the beer spectrum there’s Chokka Blokka (4.8% ABV, £1.59) Williams Bros Brewing. This mocha stout has proved popular with Lidl shoppers in the past thanks to its roasted coffee notes and full creamy texture.  

A new highlight from Lidl’s British Craft Beer Festival comes from Liverpool’s Love Lane Brewing.  Available at Lidl for the first time, their Baltic Berliner (4.0% ABV, £1.79) is a Hazy Sour Berliner Weisse, offering a tart and fruity palate with refreshing berry aromas. This beer is packed full of flavour, with tart raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrants making for an un-beer-lievably fresh finish. 

Shoppers looking to try something different need look no further than Banana Bread Beer (5.2% ABV, £1.49). Brewed in Bedford at Eagle Brewery, the trendy bakery-inspired flavour lends itself well to a rich and fruity Ale, complete with tempting banoffee flavour and aromas. Made using Fairtrade bananas which are balanced with a rich malt blend and peppery hops, this beer offers a delicious sensory experience with a surprisingly versatile flavour.  

Also showcasing for the first time at Lidl, Boss Brewing in Wales, one of the only female-owned breweries in the UK, has produced a unique and fruity beer which carries notes of banana, cherry, and strawberry. This nostalgic 70’s flavour combination, along with the hoppy finish familiar to drinkers, gives the Bubble Trouble Pale Ale (4.5% ABV, £1.79) its namesake pink bubble gum taste. 

Lidl’s British Craft Beer Festival is launching in stores now, so shoppers can pick up a bottle or two as part of their weekly shop.    

Beer NameBreweryABVSize (ml)Style PriceAvailable
Luminous Nights (Lidl exclusive)71 Brewing7.4%440Double NEIPA£1.99England, Wales & Scotland
Tall BoyWilliams Bros Brewing4.0%4×440Craft Lager£4.49England, Wales & Scotland
Chokka BlokkaWilliams Bros Brewing4.8%500Mocha Stout£1.59England, Wales & Scotland
NEIPAStewart Brewing5.3%440New England IPA£1.79England, Wales & Scotland
Forbidden FruitStewart Brewing4.6%440Grapefruit Pale Ale£1.79England, Wales & Scotland
Zoom TimeLoch Lomond Brewery4.5%440New England IPA£1.79England, Wales & Scotland
Upstate (Lidl exclusive) Stewart Brewing5.0%330Pale Ale£1.29England, Wales & Scotland
TropesDrygate Brewing6.5%330Tropical IPA£1.49England, Wales & Scotland
Gear Shifter71 Brewing5.0%440Single Hop Citra IPA£1.79England, Wales & Scotland
King GoblinWychwood Brewery6.6%500Ruby Beer£1.49England & Wales
Classic Collection IPAShepherd Neame6.1%500IPA£1.49England & Wales
Pale Ale(New to Lidl)Love Lane Brewing4.5%440Pale Ale£1.79England & Wales
Baltic Berliner(New to Lidl)Love Lane Brewing4.0%440Hazy Sour Berliner Weisse£1.79England & Wales
Wychwood FirecatcherWychwood Brewery3.5%500Golden Ale£1.29England & Wales
Banana Bread BeerEagle Brewery5.2%500Ale£1.49England & Wales
Dry-Hopped Lager(New to Lidl)Calvors Brewery4.3%330Lager£1.29England & Wales
Last Train (New to Lidl)FourPure5.1%330Oatmeal Stout£1.49England & Wales
Kingpin Rising (New to Lidl)Boss Brewing4.4%440Session IPA£1.79England & Wales
Bubble Trouble Pale Ale (New to Lidl)Boss Brewing4.5%440Bubble Gum Pale Ale£1.79England & Wales
Bandit (New to Lidl)Gipsy Hill Brewery3.8%330Gluten Free Pale Ale£1.29England & Wales