Lidl launches shade taste guide to help shoppers celebrate its rosé range


Judging a bottle of wine based on its colour is all too easy – especially when it comes to rosé. Paler shades have exploded over Insta feeds and beer gardens in recent years, leading many shoppers to veer away from darker shades of rosés. So just in time for summer, Lidl has released a visual guide that will help shoppers find their perfect drink and help shift misconceptions around deeper shades of rosé, such as it being too sweet or sticky. 

The guide demonstrates the shades of rosé available in store this spring, from vibrant to paler colours, along with corresponding tasting notes to help shoppers pick a wine most suited to their palate. The guide aims to help show rosé fans that the pale rosés that dominate social feeds aren’t the only wines out there, and encourage shoppers to try different shades and not miss out on great flavours.

Lidl’s six strong range of rosés features a variety of styles and tastes, meaning there is a wine for all tastes this summer.

  • Pinot Noir Rosé (£5.49) – A medium muted shade of pink with a tasty flavour including notes of red fruits and a pleasingly dry finish 
  • Bardolino Chiaretto (£6.99) – Light baby pink shade with a refined taste that shows strawberry and wild herb characters 
  • Salento Rosato (£5.49) – Sporting a brighter orange and pink hue, lightly fruity, balanced wine with a hint of strawberry
  • Pinot Grigio delle Venezie- Blush (£4.29) – A pale blush colour with delicate strawberry aromas – light, clean and fruity 
  • Prosecco Rosé D.O.C Extra Dry (£6.29) – A pale dusky pink shade, extra dry with fruity strawberry notes on the finish
  • Vega del Cega Valdepeñas Rosé (£4.49)  -A vibrant berry colour, dry and crisp, light and fruity

Richard Bampfield, Lidl’s Master of Wine, said: “Rosé is hugely popular in the summer and, with a wide range of shades and flavours, it can be confusing for shoppers when picking a bottle. For a while now, paler hued rosés have been the trendy choice, with these styles of wines considered better quality than deeper or more vibrant shades, which are often seen to be sweeter. This summer, Lidl wants to help challenge the misconceptions around deeper coloured rosés and encourage shoppers to look beyond their go-to pink choice.” 

A highlight includes the vibrant Vega del Cega Valdepeñas Rosé (£4.49) – dry, fruity, highly moreish and almost too gorgeous to drink.  Or, for shoppers who want to add a touch of sparkle to their rosé try Lidl’s Prosecco Rosé (£6.29), boasting strawberry notes and an extra dry taste.

Lidl’s rosé collection are available in store now and start at £4.29