Lidl launches super Fairtrade chocolate bar


Getting your chocolate fix just got even sweeter! Lidl has just launched a sustainable own brand Super-Fairtrade chocolate bar Way to Go!, which helps close the income gap of cocoa farmers and push forward towards a living wage.

Available in three indulgent flavours – rich dark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate and moreish milk chocolate with caramelised almonds & sea salt, each bar sold provides an additional premium that is passed directly on to cocoa farmers in Ghana. That means Lidl customers get a delicious, fairly produced and reasonably priced sweet treat, whilst helping to contribute to supporting sustainable livelihoods of Ghanaian farmers. 

Way to Go! is Fairtrade certified meaning that each farmer in the supply chain is receiving a minimum price for their cocoa, but Lidl has gone a step further by providing an additional Lidl premium, which is funding two training programs aimed at improving incomes and livelihoods for smallholder farmers and their communities. 

Firstly, farmers are receiving training on sustainable cocoa production, which helps them to increase the quality and value of their crop. Secondly, funding is being provided to  support farmers to diversify their farms, enabling them to broaden their income streams and reduce their dependence on cocoa yields, further strengthening their income in the long term. 

Lidl has long been committed to sourcing cocoa sustainably and since 2017 has sold 100% of the cocoa in its own label products from third party certified sustainable sources such as Fairtrade, the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. Since 2006, Lidl has funded a training centre for cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast through the PROCACAO initiative, which has trained over 18,000 cocoa farmers on sustainable production methods. In the UK Lidl is also a founding member of the Retail Cocoa Collaboration, which aims to create greater transparency in the cocoa sector as a whole.

Catherine David, head of commercial partnerships at the Fairtrade Foundation, comments: “We’re proud to have partnered with Lidl on this exciting new range that provides added value to farmers beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium, through additional investment in the communities that are growing their cocoa. These delicious sweet treats, which we’re all looking forward to tasting, will be even more enjoyable knowing they are fully traceable, sustainable and improving the lives of cocoa farmers. Way to go Lidl!” 

Lidl’s Way to Go chocolate bars will be available to pick up on your weekly shop from 28 May.