Lidl sells ‘Super Tuscan’ Wine – style that can sell for hundreds of pounds – for £13.99

 Lidl has launched a ‘Super Tuscan’ wine, a style that’s famed for its high quality and similarly high price points, with some bottles selling for hundreds of pounds. Lidl’s Bolgheri Medici Riccardi, however, only costs £13.99 and is available in store now while stocks last.

The new bottle has even been awarded a score of 92/100, classified as ‘Outstanding’ by Lidl’s Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield, along with two fellow Masters of Wine, who marked the bottle out of 100 on the point system that’s used by many critics and wine competitions around the world.

The term ‘Super Tuscan’ is used to describe a style of wine that’s made from grapes or blends that aren’t indigenous to Tuscany, such as the famous Bordeaux grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.

However, the high quality and rare nature of these ‘Super Tuscan’ wines mean that they often come with a price tag to match – with many costing hundreds. Unsurprisingly, the style also comes with celebrity fans such as George Clooney, who is said to have enjoyed a Sassicaia during his wedding celebrations.

Lidl’s ‘Super Tuscan’ offering, however, only costs £13.99 – perfect for wine lovers looking to explore this much-sought after style of wine, without the celebrity price tag.

The Bolgheri Medici Riccardi hails from the Bolgheri vineyards of one of Italy’s most historic wine regions, Tuscany. Its sunny, dry and windswept climate means it’s perfectly suited for growing grapes of Bordeaux origin, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, which are used to make Super Tuscan wines.

Described as tasting of deep, dark fruit, balanced with polished oaky notes, Lidl’s Bolgheri Medici Riccardi is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot.

The Bolgheri is part of Lidl’s Summer Wine Tour that’s been hailed as its highest rated collection yet, with five bottles scoring over 90, meaning they’re classed as ‘Outstanding’.

Richard Bampfield, Lidl’s Master of Wine, said: “Lidl is famous for giving customers unbeatable value when it comes to wine, but this collection really takes it to the next level. We considered this to be its highest rated collection yet – and it’s easy to see why.

“The appetising mix of a Super Tuscan and other 90-plus scoring wines from newer, exciting wine regions in Italy and Spain gives wine-lovers the opportunity to experience something very special, but at a much more accessible price.”

Other 90-plus scoring wines include:

●       Grüner Veltliner Alto Adige, South Tyrol, Italy, 2018, £8.99 – Scoring 91/100, this bright, precise, pear scented drop has been described as ‘dry’ and ‘mouth-watering’.

●       Vignamatta Veneto Bianco, Verona, Italy, 2018, £7.49 – Scoring 90/100, this off-dry white has aromas of honey, pear and rich fruit.

●       Falanghina Beneventano, Tuscany, Italy, 2018, £7.99 – Also coming in at 90/100 is this dry white that has notes of gentle herb scents and stone fruit.

●       Ceo Godello Monterrei, Spain, 2019, £7.99 – Also awarded an ‘Outstanding’ 90/100, this Monterrei is juicy, moreish and dry with white peach flavours.

The Summer Wine Tour is available in store now, while stocks last, so you can pick up this treasure trove of high-quality wine with your weekly shop.