Lidl UK to expand Oaklands Fun Size fruit and veg range for kids


Lidl UK has announced it is expanding its award-winning* Oaklands Fun Size fruit and vegetable range for children in response to huge customer demand for its fresh, playful produce. This comes as Lidl UK commits to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please initiative, aimed at making vegetables more accessible.

Since launching in 2016, Lidl has seen sales of its children’s fruit and veg range surge 100%, with parents using the products as a creative way to encourage their children to eat five a day. A total of 12 new items have been launched so far this year, with at least a further five in the pipeline, including ‘Avodillo’s’ (baby avocados).

All products in the Oaklands Fun Size range are miniature versions of ordinary fruit and vegetable varieties. Playful names and colourful characters help make products more appealing to younger generations including Broccoli Trees, Cauliflower Clouds, Sweet Potato Piggies, Romanesaurus Rex (mini Romanesco broccoli) and Unicorn Carrots.

These ranges form part of Lidl UK’s commitment to making vegetables both fun and affordable. As part of the Food Foundation’s Peas Please initiative the retailer is also today committing to run more discounts on vegetables, in a bid to making greens more affordable for more families. This will mean promotions on at least six vegetable products per month.

Emma Byrne, head of fresh produce at Lidl, said: “Helping our customers lead healthier lives has always been a major objective for us as a business. As a discounter, we play a significant role in tackling this public challenge and can make a huge difference to people’s lives through affordable fruit and veg, along with a range of other initiatives that we have long championed. For example, we are proud to have been the first British supermarket to remove sweets and chocolate from all of our checkouts, helping to reduce the ‘pester power’ that we know parents often face when doing their shopping. In addition, we are continuously promoting fresh fruit and vegetable consumption through our sector-leading ‘Pick of the Week’ offers, which feature in highly prominent positions in our stores. With the support of The Food Foundation, these latest pledges further underpin our commitment to encouraging healthier lifestyles, by helping our customers eat more vegetables.”

Lidl’s fruit and vegetable sales have grown by over 30% in the past two years, as the discounter cements its presence in the UK grocery market. In October this year, Kantar data reported Lidl UK’s market share stood at 5.2% with sales growing by 16%, making it the fastest growing British supermarket.