Lily O’Brien’s launches new luxury Caramel Jewels Collection


Premium Irish chocolatier, Lily O’Brien’s, is continuing to add to its successful inlaid boxed range by launching new Caramel Jewels Collection this June.  The collection of caramel chocolates has an innovative range of ingredients which incorporate the trend of different flavours taken across the globe. The new addition will be launched exclusively in to Asda stores nationwide, bringing consumers a range of caramel chocolates.

The new addition will boost Lily O’Brien’s premium inlaid boxed offering – a category which the luxury Irish chocolatier increased its share to 4.9% in 2016.  From the box appearance to flavour combinations, Lily O’Brien’s has closely monitored the latest consumer trends to create innovative flavours and taste experiences in the inlaid boxed category.

Inspired by celebratory occasions, the new Caramel Jewels Collection will be launched in a sophisticated metallic coloured box with gold foiling.  he premium feel box will reflect the finest quality chocolates inside. The new range is ideal for a dinner party or family gifting during key confectionery seasons.

The new chocolate box will include 10 unique recipes:

  • Sea Salted Caramel – Creamy caramel paired with piquant sea salt, set into a milk chocolate shell
  • Himalayan Salted Caramel – Pink Himalayan salt blended with caramel, encased in a dark chocolate shell
  • Butterscotch Caramel – Caramel with rich buttery and caramelised brown sugar tones, smothered in milk chocolate
  • Irish Burnt Caramel – Toasted dark brown sugar caramelised, to create a deliciously rich and full flavoured caramel, smothered in rich dark chocolate
  • Maple Caramel – Aromatic, sweet maple, perfectly paired with indulgent creamy caramel, encased in a dark chocolate shell
  • Passion Fruit Salted Caramel – Tart and fruity passion fruit superbly partnered with rich caramel for a sweet/tart balance, set into a dark chocolate shell
  • Dulche De Leche – Classic Argentinian flavour of mellow caramelised milk, merged into a soft luxury caramel, a beautiful blend of white and dark chocolate
  • Chilli and Lime Caramel – Zesty lime oil and guajillo chilli team up to create a wonderful dark chocolate full of zest and heat
  • Hazelnut Caramel – Whole toasted hazelnut nestled in gooey soft caramel, smothered in milk and white chocolate
  • Sticky Toffee – Sticky, rich, gooey and delicious caramel encased in a combination of milk and dark chocolate


With an RRP of £12, Lily O’Brien’s Caramel Jewels Collection will be available from Asda from June.