Limited edition Euros packaging with grass roots competition from Babybels


Marking the start of an exciting summer of sport Babybel, the UK’s no.1 cheese snack, has released a limited-edition football pack, inspiring the nation to get snacktive and share their snackable skills to celebrate! 

Featuring 20 flags of some the nations competing during this year’s sporting season, the limited-edition packaging available until 11th July, which will appear across packs of 6, 10, 12 and 15, Original and Light variants, has been released to help raise awareness of Babybel’s #ForAllFans campaign. 

Reinforcing the fact that sport is for everyone, regardless of skillset, age, or activity, the #ForAllFans campaign encourages all consumers to join the goodness* and get snacktive this summer. 

And with sport and snacking a natural combination – who doesn’t need a little pick me up after exercise or while watching sport?! – alongside the limited-edition pack release, Babybel is also launching a competition to make donations to local grassroots sports teams. 

Driving engagement with the #ForAllFans campaign, whilst giving something back, the competition will offer the public the opportunity to win one of five £1,000 donations for their local sports team. 

How? Simply by sharing a Snackable Skill to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. From celebratory dances and culinary creations to football trick shots, unwrapping secret skills and sharing to social media is all it takes to be entered in for the chance to win for your local team. Easy cheesy!

For more information on the competition, visit 

Babybel is available from all major retailers.