LINPAC Packaging to extend investment in popular Freshware convenience lines

Renewed investment in popular Freshware packaging

Renewed investment in popular Freshware packaging

LINPAC Packaging is to invest further in its Freshform division as demand for its products for the chilled retail prepared and convenience sector continues to increase.

In January 2013, LINPAC launched its Freshware range of tubs, trays and containers for the rapidly growing sector following the installation of new highly flexible thermoforming equipment at the company’s headquarters in Featherstone, West Yorkshire, UK. Fourteen months on and the division is operating at full capacity prompting a second phase of investment which will see an additional new flexible thermoformer installed to enable the company to continue to offer a fast turnaround supply of new designs for the high churn convenience and prepared foods market.

It takes the total amount invested by Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer in its Freshform division to approximately £2m since October 2012.

The Freshware range comprises of packaging for prepared fruit and salads, dips, sandwich fillers, fresh pasta, pizza, prepared vegetables (e.g. stir-fry), chilled bakery, cooked meats and prepared fish, and is now being sold to customers across Europe. The largest order to date has been for 40m containers from a leading retailer in the UK.

Joanna Stephenson, vice president marketing & innovation at LINPAC Packaging, said: “Customer demand steadily increased during the course of 2013 as we introduced new products to the Freshware range. Towards the end of last year it became apparent that there was scope for us to grow Freshform further and in doing so we would be able to serve our customers even better by offering more choice and greater efficiency.”

New products and innovations for the Freshware range in 2014 include easy peel films and portioned packs and hinged boxes for the LeanBake range – the lightweight containers for confectionary and bakery items are available as hermetic (airtight) or semi-hermetic to keep croissants, pastries, tarts and muffins fresh, tasty and moist or crispy. Whilst lightweight, the rigidity and protective qualities of the LeanBake range is not affected due to the innovative, robust design, ensuring delicate items are not damaged during transit, LINPAC Packaging said.