Little Dish launches trio of kids favourites in a new variety pack

Award-winning, nutritionist-approved children’s food brand, Little Dish has launched a new Variety 3 Pack, containing a trio of its much-loved classic meals for kids. The new Little Dish Variety 3 Pack is due to launch nationwide at both Sainsbury’s on 26th May, followed by Tesco on 7th June, RRP £6.

The new format comes in response to a shift in consumer shopping habits and an ongoing preference to have a fully-stocked fridge. In the early days of lockdown, the company struggled to keep up with demand as customers cleared the shelves of its products. During the third lockdown, the brand saw an uplift of +39% in average weekly sales, as parents turned to Little Dish as a convenient solution that doesn’t compromise on nutritional value whilst homeschooling. With the accelerating trend of less regular grocery purchasing and a shift towards shopping online, the brand has recognised a need to cater for customers purchasing multiple units in one shop.

Hillary Graves, founder of Little Dish says: :At Little Dish, we’re always thinking about how to make parents’ lives easier, so that they can spend as much time with their little ones as possible. After noticing that parents were buying multiple Little Dish meals in one shop due to less frequent supermarket visits, we decided to launch a convenient Variety 3 Pack option, ensuring nutritious meals can be dished up with ease throughout the week.”

Containing three of its bestselling dishes: British Beef & Veg Cottage Pie, Chicken & Veg Pie and British Beef & Pasta Bolognese, this product offers parents a solution to quick, comforting meals that can be prepared quickly. Each hand-made dish includes at least one, but typically two, of a child’s recommended five-a-day and absolutely no additives or preservatives. Little Dish meals are sold individually at £2.50 RRP, meaning the new Variety 3 Pack offers parents exceptional value for money.

Little Dish Variety 3 Pack – £6.00

Available nationwide in Sainsbury’s and Tesco

  • British Beef & Veg Cottage Pie: A family favourite, containing tender British beef mince and lentils in a tasty tomato and veg sauce
  • Chicken & Veg Pie: A classic mash-topped Chicken Pie, containing a delicious cheese sauce with British chicken, sweet potato and peas, topped with potato and root veg mash
  • British Beef & Pasta Bolognese: A childhood classic, using macaroni pasta and topped with British beef mince and a yummy herby tomato and veg sauce