Liverpool’s Meats & Eats reports 25% sales growth during lockdown via OrderYOYO’s branded website and app platform

Liverpool-based American style restaurant Meats & Eats has reported an additional 25% in sales during lockdown, after changing its business model to offer delivery throughout the pandemic.

The increase in sales can be directly attributed to OrderYOYO, a platform which allows restaurants and takeaway owners to grow their business using a new approach to online food ordering. Meats & Eats have been able to use OrderYOYO to take advantage of the huge shift in consumer needs and behaviour over the last 12 months.

Throughout the pandemic, OrderYOYO has helped the hospitality industry get back on its feet, as it has had to adapt to offering delivery. The OrderYOYO platform allows business owners to have their own personalised ordering system, offering them the set-up they need to succeed online, while also increasing the turnover of the business.

One of the businesses who has seen this positive impact first-hand is Meats & Eats, an American style restaurant based at 88 Liverpool Road, Page Moss, Liverpool.

John Molloy, owner of Meats & Eats, said: “Before OrderYOYO, we were just too busy to answer the phone and couldn’t take orders for three hours on a Friday and Saturday night, which should have been our busiest period, and the best time to make profit for the business.

“This resulted in us losing around £2K- 3K a night, simply because we couldn’t take any more orders. However, since we have started using the service that OrderYOYO supplies, we can leave the orders on all night, which we couldn’t do before.

“This increased orders by 33% in just over three months. With the previous provider, we couldn’t take all of the orders that we wanted to.”

The restaurant, which has used the OrderYOYO service since January 30th 2021, has seen an increase in sales, orders and return rate, something that they wouldn’t have had before joining the service. In turn, this has helped them survive the pandemic whilst having full control of their business.

OrderYOYO helps businesses to set-up a website and app for takeaway brands, allowing takeaway owners to optimise their online business and to grow their own customer base. The service gives local business owners the online independence they always needed. 

Molloy attributes the growth of the business in the last three months to OrderYOYO, saying: “The average cost per placed order in the last 28 days was £24.26 and we have done over 917 orders using YOYO. Overall, we have taken £98,000 in the last three months, but £24,000 of that is from YOYO. A figure we wouldn’t have had without them.

“In just 28 days alone, and since we have launched the website/app, we’ve gained over 15,000 views of Meats & Eats on the website – which has never happened before. The figures of the success are all there in black and white and the system is so easy to use as well.”

The support that OrderYOYO offers businesses, particularly throughout the pandemic has seen Meats & Eats become one of the main takeaways of choice in the area. 

Before the pandemic had hit, 94 takeaways were delivering in the area. When the pandemic hit, only 24 remained open, one of them being Meats & Eats.

Their takeaway had the highest repeat rate out of any other takeaway in the area, with the customer repeat rate at 34% in 60 days.

OrderYOYO offers a new approach to online delivery; as the more the business grows, the less the business pays per order – meaning paid commission is as low as 6% per order.

The service offers a ‘My Business’ app for takeaway owners to create and optimise their online business. Teamed with the help of the OrderYOYO marketing suite, this all ensures the highest possible performance for the business on Google, and assists with all areas of social media promotion.

The multiple services that OrderYOYO offers saw Molloy choose the service over other delivery providers. He recommends that others should make the move to OrderYOYO, and said: “The difference in what OrderYOYO offers is that they offer the app, the management side of it and the format of how easy it is to use. Plus, there’s less commission, as theirs is tiny compared to that of other online services.

“It’s nice to work with a company that cares as much about your business as you do yourself. OrderYOYO is always there to help and get things sorted. The local reps are fantastic and OrderYOYO has increased our business massively.”

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