Living drinks brand Lo Bros secures distribution for kombucha brand in Big Four


Lo Bros (, the living drinks brand on a mission to bring drinks to life with its unique organic and vegan soft drinks, is leading the kombucha category with distribution in the Big Four after securing a partnership with Morrisons to supply its stores and expanding its listing with Asda. It is the only kombucha brand to be stocked in three of the Big Four, with the brand also being available in Sainsbury’s.

Lo Bros will retail its Ginger & Lemon and Raspberry & Lemon 250ml single serve cans at Morrisons as part of the retailer’s meal deal and the Ginger & Lemon 250ml single serve can in Asda’s Food To Go fixture (RRP £1.49).

This development is part of Lo Bros’ accelerated growth strategy to make kombucha mainstream in the UK as it seeks to gain greater share of the rapidly growing kombucha category. The brand’s increased distribution will allow it to meet burgeoning consumer demand for functional and innovative adult soft drinks. In particular, it will enable the brand to tap into the post-Covid 19 boom for food & drink products with health and wellbeing benefits, with consumers in the UK now spending £20 billion a year on food and drink for health reasons.

The Lo Bros Organic Kombucha range is authentically brewed in small batches in Berkshire, UK, using traditional brewing methods and the finest organic teas and natural fruits to create lightly sparkling and refreshing beverages  that are packed full of live cultures. Each can contains millions of probiotics, reputed to support good gut health.

Lo Bros ferments the finest organic Oolong and Green teas with organic raw sugar, water and a mother culture known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), for up to 30 days. This natural fermentation process produces a multitude of beneficial living cultures and enzymes.

Dom Dalton, general manager of Soulfresh, says: “Thanks to Lo Bros’ new partnership with Morrisons and expansion in Asda, the brand is now leading the kombucha category with distribution in Grocery. Alongside our listing with Sainsbury’s, we are now available in three of the Big Four, which is helping us to establish kombucha in the mainstream in the UK. It’s great to see the major supermarkets giving more space to functional beverages like kombucha and working with Lo Bros to provide consumers with healthier beverage options in Food to Go.”

As consumers focus on wellness more than ever before, the product offers welcome health benefits. The living cultures in Lo Bros Organic Kombucha can help to balance the gut microbiome and aid digestion. Lo Bros never heat-pasteurises its products to ensure that the good bacteria remain unharmed and that each bottle is brimming with life.

Unlike many other kombucha drinks, Lo Bros Organic Kombucha is naturally low in sugar, containing just 1.6g per 100ml. Sugar is an important part of the kombucha brewing process and Lo Bros leaves just a small amount of sugar in each bottle to ensure that it feeds the beneficial bacteria, keeping them healthy – a little keeps it alive inside! 

The entire range is 100% organic, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. Lo Bros Organic Kombucha is also non-alcoholic (<0.5% ABV) and, with its unique, complex flavour profile, makes a perfect alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Lo Bros Organic Kombucha is best kept in the fridge and served chilled, but can also be stored in a cool dry place, under 20˚C.

The Lo Bros range is available from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market and on Ocado and Amazon.