LloydsPharmacy launches Wellness Series online


This week, LloydsPharmacy launched a new Wellness Series, in partnership with two leading health influencers, in order to help people stay happy and healthy from the comfort of their own home during lockdown.

Current data shows that over four in five adults are worried about the impact of coronavirus on their daily lives, with more than half of the public admitting that the virus has already negatively impacted their wellbeing.

In response to this data, LloydsPharmacy has announced that it will be publishing a series of wellness videos featuring fitness, meditation and yoga practices for people to take part in from the comfort of their own homes. Meditation and yoga is widely thought to reduce stress, improve sleep and in some cases even improve respiratory function and with exercise being well-known to support overall health, they hope that these videos will provide a boost to the nation’s wellbeing at this difficult time.

The series of eight videos will be available online and via LloydsPharmacy’s social channels throughout May and June which are being created in collaboration with two leading health influencers: Cat Meffan and Chessie King.

·       Cat Meffan is a yoga instructor and wellbeing influencer who is curating a series of videos with short meditation, mindfulness and yoga practices to: relieve anxiety, bring people together at home, help set healthy work/home boundaries and reduce stress during this trying time.

·       Chessie King is a body confidence influencer who is known for work-outs that not only make the body sweat but have an infectious energy, simultaneously working the mind into a happier place too. Chessie’s video series aims to encourage people to get moving and re-energise as a family, using everyday items that can be found around the home.

Steve Howard, chief pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy, comments: “We understand that it’s a hard time for people up and down the country and it can be difficult for people to access the advice and healthcare they need to stay healthy day to day.

“Our pharmacies are at the heart of the community and we are proud that we have been able to continue offering vital advice and medicines during this outbreak. To support everyone who is doing their best to stay at home and protect themselves and others we want to ensure that we continue to provide advice with content that genuinely supports people’s health. We hope that these interactive videos will deliver accessible tips and practical advice so people can stay healthy ‘in mind and body’ whilst at home.”

Meffan says: “This is a strange time for all of us and often stress, anxiety and tension can creep in without us noticing. I’m delighted to be able to be taking part in the LloydsPharmacy Wellness Series and really hope that as many people as possible are able to benefit from these meditation and yoga practices. My hope is that these techniques and practices will go a little way in helping to alleviate the current pressures and help people to feel happier, healthier and stronger as a result.”

King continues: “It can be tough to stay positive, happy and active ALL of the time, but I hope that these videos will put a smile on your face and get you moving, no matter what your levels of fitness are. It’s important to not put pressure on yourself during this time and simply do what you can – a little bit can go a long way!”

LloydsPharmacy’s Wellness Series launched on Monday 4 May, 7pm and you can see the videos and the latest COVID19 updates on their Instagram, @lloydspharmacyuk, their Facebook page facebook.com/lloydspharmacy/ and blog: http://blog.lloydspharmacy.com/. One video will be released each week from each influencer over the next eight weeks and LloydsPharmacy is encouraging people to share their experiences of taking part using the hashtag #LoveLloyds.

As well as taking part in the meditation and fitness sessions, you can also access a range of expert advice on the blog, including information on how to manage prescriptions during COVID-19, how to maximise your once-a-day outdoor exercise and how to maintain good health while isolating.