Lo-Dough launches low calorie Vanilla Sponge Mix


Category-disrupting food-tech company, Lo-Dough, will build on the success of its current range of low-calorie and low-carb products this week, as it launches its latest food innovation – the delightfully indulgent Vanilla Sponge Mix. The mix creates a perfect Victoria Sponge Cake at just 47 calories per slice.

The Vanilla Sponge Mix joins an already popular range of low-calorie, low-carb and high-fibre products, including the original Lo-Dough bases which can be used to replace the refined carbohydrate element in traditional bread and pastry dishes, with 90% fewer carbs and up to 55% fewer calories. It will sit alongside the Lo-Dough Brownie Mix, which creates delicious brownies at just 65 calories each, and the Miracle Cake Bars, which launched in 2020 to huge acclaim including a 2021 Nourish Award.

Light, moist, sweet and delicious, the Vanilla Sponge Mix requires minimal preparation – simply mix with water and bake. As well as being sugar and gluten-free, the Vanilla Sponge Mix is significantly lower in both calories and carbs than any other Victoria Sponge cakes on the market. Each serving contains 6.9g of gut-friendly fibre, making the snack perfect for the calorie and carb conscious.

Founders Rob Wales and Ben Holden have taken the Lo-Dough brand from a kitchen table experiment to a makeshift garage laboratory and into its first manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce site. Rob Wales said: “What’s so special about the new Vanilla Sponge Mix is that it’s a positively healthy starting point to countless recipes – carrot cake, chocolate cake, lemon drizzle, red-velvet cake – you name it, this mix can make it. It’s a culinary blank canvas and we hope that it helps inspire a nation looking for a sugar-free and low calorie stepping stone into the baking world”.

The Vanilla Sponge Mix is available now at www.lodough.co.uk and costs £4.99.