Lo-Dough launches Miracle Cake Bar flavours


After a record-breaking year, food-tech innovators at Lo-Dough have this week unveiled two brand new low calorie, low carb sweet snacks with the launch of Miracle Lemon Drizzle and Miracle Caramel Crunch Cake Bars. 

Clocking up a belly-filling 60g each while staying below 150 calories, the low sugar, high fibre bars will bring new opportunities for indulgent moments to anyone trying to balance their diets or follow low calorie and low carb diet plans.

Available from early January, Lo-Dough Lemon Drizzle Cake Bar is made with a soft, moist lemon sponge, smothered in a sweetened lemon topping and a low-sugar white chocolate coating. At just 140 calories, 1.9g sugar, and supplying nearly half the recommended daily fibre intake, the Lo-Dough Lemon Drizzle Cake Bar is one of the most generous and flavourful lemon cakes available for the calorie and carb conscious.    

With a rich chocolate cake base, topped with sweetened caramel and crispy cocoa toppings, and enveloped in low-sugar white chocolate,  Lo Dough Caramel Crunch Cake Bar is both delicious and diet-friendly. The 60g caramel bar also hits nearly half the daily fibre recommendation, and comes in at just 147 calories and 1.2g of sugar.

The cake bars are made possible thanks to unique Lo-Dough technology, which was cooked up by co-founders Rob Wales and Ben Holden. The original Lo-Dough product subs in for bread, pizza dough, pasta and pastry, has grown a devoted following amongst fitness enthusiasts and slimmers since its launch in 2017 thanks to its versatility and its nutritional credentials. Made entirely from protein and fibre, Lo-Dough is gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, sugar-free and fat-free. It has no artificial preservatives, no artificial colours, no hydrogenated oils or any of the nasties commonly found in mass produced breads, pastries and pizza bases.

Rob Wales and Ben Holden have taken the brand from a kitchen table experiment to a makeshift garage laboratory and into its first manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce site. Rob Wales said: “We are passionate about food and innovation and these new cake bars are the next step for us and our customers. They’re delicious and they tick practically every box for diet-conscious people. We’ve had great feedback pre launch and we can’t wait to see what our customers think of them.”

Lo-Dough has sold over 2.3 million Original Lo-Dough Bases in the UK alone as well as shipping to customers across Europe and beyond. Plans have been drawn up for a new purpose-built facility to scale up production in 2021 in order to meet the growing demand. 

The cake bars will be available from 4 January 2020 at www.lodough.co.uk, costing £2.49 each.