Local shops welcome MPs’ recommendations on Grocery Adjudicator

MPs have concluded a Grocery Code Adjudicator remains necessary to prevent abusive practices taking place in the supply chain. 

They have also accepted recommendation made by ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores) and others to strengthen the proposed legislation.

They have called for the Adjudicator to be:

– given powers to fine companies that commit breaches of the code from the outset

– able to receive complaints from trade associations, indirect suppliers and whistleblowers

ACS Chief Executive James Lowman said: “We remain convinced a grocery code adjudicator is necessary and its implementation is now well overdue. We are delighted MPs resisted cynical calls from supermarket representatives for yet another review. We hope now Ministers will get on with introducing the legislation through Parliament.

“We gave oral evidence to the Committee, our key message was to remove artificial restrictions on who can raise complaints with the adjudicator. This restriction would undermine the effectiveness of the adjudicator. The adjudicator should be able to act on credible evidence wherever it originates.

“We also believe the Adjudicator should have the option of imposing fines from the outset. The power to fine is a significant deterrent and increasing the credibility of the adjudicator not only in the eyes of the industry but the wider community.”