Lockdown drinking on rise with white wine predicted to be 2021 tipple of choice, claims Black Tower


Black Tower wine has seen a 30% rise in sales of their Fruity White in stores nationwide during the first weeks of 2021 as shoppers turn to the brands they trust on taste and value for money amid the third national lockdown.

Unusual for January, when conventionally many go sober for the first month of the year, Black Tower in fact saw an increase in sales, with Fruity White its most popular SKU amongst British drinkers in lockdown. This is no doubt in line with the one in four people who are reported to have given up their Dry January attempt by the 6th day of the month, citing new lockdown restrictions as their reason.1

With Black Tower’s sales of Fruity White increasing by 30% compared to the same time last year, the brand has seen growth ahead of the UK still wine market, which has seen a rise of 26%, demonstrating that shoppers are turning to trusted brands during more difficult times.2

Ian Wingate, Black Tower’s UK national account director, commented: “This year appears to have bucked the usual Dry January trend as sales of Fruity White have increased, with many foregoing Dry January during a national lockdown. Our Fruit White has proven to be a particularly popular choice in recent weeks as consumers turn to wines they know and love, particularly as household budgets tighten and there is a greater value placed on simple pleasures.”

In addition to this, Kantar data also shows that relative to other competitor brands, Black Tower has one of the highest loyalty scores, with shoppers returning to the much-loved brand time and time again. With an impressive 12.2% of consumers repeatedly purchasing their wines, Black Tower sits just 4% shy of the brand with the highest loyalty score, demonstrating that consumers are especially looking for excellent value for money and an established brand name during times of uncertainty.

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