The Logic Group gives retailers day one support for Android Pay

The Logic Group, a leading provider of omni-channel managed payment services, today confirmed that customers of its managed payment service are able to offer shoppers the option to pay for goods and services with Android Pay.

The Logic Group’s managed payment service, Solve Centurion provides merchants like Pret A Manger with a future-proofed solution that allows them to offer consumers the latest payment methods, without the need to update their payment systems and equipment, the company said. This has allowed shoppers to make contactless payments with their Android phones since the day of launch.

“Through working with The Logic Group, Pret A Manger customers have been able to use Android Pay from day one across all of our 310 UK stores. With around 65% of card transactions at Pret now being made via contactless methods, this has given our customers greater freedom to pay how they want, even for purchases over the £30 contactless limit,” said Andy Chalklin, group director of IT at Pret A Manger.

Mobile contactless payments offer consumers a secure, convenient and quick method of paying for goods and services with the one thing that many of us are rarely without; our smartphones. Mobile wallet services like Android Pay also offer the additional benefit of being able to make contactless payments over the existing £30 limit.

“Retailers today are looking to create an overall experience for the customer rather than just sell a product; payment is a key part of that overall retailer-consumer relationship. Shoppers want choice to do things their way and that includes paying. Retailers using our managed payment service have been able to offer the ability to pay using Android Pay from the day of launch. We continue to expand our support of innovative mobile payment technologies so that our customers are able to offer consumers the best possible payment experiences,” said Mark Prior-Egerton, product manager, The Logic Group.