London coffee chain, Coffee Republic, moves to IT cloud solution to help growth

Cloud move

Cloud move

London-based coffee chain, Coffee Republic, reports it is gearing up for growth by consolidating its ICT infrastructure to reduce costs and improve availability, security and business continuity with a cloud backup and physical estate.

The move sees IT solutions provider, Icomm Technologies, refresh and virtualise a physical server estate by 60% and implement a replicating cloud backup approach to provide failover forExchange, SQL database and EPOS System data.

Mark Roughton, IS Manager at Coffee Republic, said: “We had an aging infrastructure that offered little resilience or failover coupled with unreliable access to our core data centre. It was not a platform for growth.”

Icomm Technologies transported and migrated the legacy data centre to London, refreshing and virtualising the servers in the process whilst upgrading all server applications to the latestoperating systems.

An integrated cloud backup approach offers double failover with all critical business data backed up to two replicated Icomm data centres hosted in Manchester and Birmingham.

A next generation Sonicwall firewall provides Coffee Republic with improved availability and secure access to the data centre.

Roughton said: “An integrated cloud and on-premise solution offers an environment primed for performance, agility and high availability. It is a cost effective methodology of protecting the business and improving the quality of service our IT system delivers.

“Long term this approach will save us money in both operational overheads and capital expenditure. The secure and robust cloud backup solution itself means we now have a backup and recovery procedure without the added cost. 

“This development breaks the traditional mould for us and furnishes the business with the most efficient and future-proofed IT platform for us to go forward.

“The key for us has been getting involved with a service and support provider that has a track record of delivering enterprise level solutions rather than just a hosting organisation. It has meant that the entire process could be outsourced and project managed without day-to-day impact on our business operations.”