London Fashion Week brings 68% Saturday sales boost to fashion stores


Local fashion retailers will be celebrating London Fashion Week for more than its design inspiration, after seeing sales on Saturday jump by 68% compared to the previous month, and increase by 24% over the week compared to Fashion Week last year.

Sales data from leading retail management software Vend, which works with hundreds of London’s independent retailers, also found that it wasn’t just fashion stores who profited from Fashion Week this year.

Spending across all types of London retail stores increased by 42% over the past week compared to Fashion Week last year, while sales figures were also up 4% on August. And the Saturday of Fashion Week was the biggest spending day of the past month by quite a margin – growing by 64% on Saturday alone, compared to the August average.

 “There’s a big halo effect that events like Fashion Week create for our high street stores, not to mention an influx of style-savvy shoppers. And while it’s all about big-name designers and large fashion brands on the runway, our independent retailers are also on show as shoppers get to explore the amazing products they create and sell, and the unique customer experiences they provide. With September said to be the biggest month for retailers outside of Christmas, it’s really great to see local stores getting a boost this past week,” says Higor Torchia, country manager for Vend UK.

Other retailers that saw a significant jump to sales compared to August were homewares and gifts (21%), speciality food and beverage (14%), and hobby and leisure retailers (which includes sewing and fabric stores, and bookstores) (14%).