London’s West End prepares for the £100m Friday – with £200m expected to be spent across ‘Black Friday’ weekend


Retailers across London’s West End are preparing for a Black Friday rush which is set to see nearly £100m spent in the area in just 24 hours. The day is expected to be the biggest trading day so far in the West End this year and a record-breaking day for retail across the UK.

Many of the businesses across London’s West End are offering discounts and promotions to attract widespread attention from domestic and international shoppers throughout the day, which has become increasingly important for the industry after crossing the Atlantic.

Black Friday itself looks set to bring in £96m in sales for businesses across the area, with over £200m in purchases estimated to be registered in tills in the 72 hours between Black Friday and Sunday. This turnover will help fuel what is expect to become the best Christmas for the West End’s retailers since 2007– with £2.3bn or £5.1m every hour predicted to be spent in the six weeks leading up to Christmas.

In order to deal with the increase in business expected over the festive period, an estimated 4,500 seasonal employees are being taken on in order to support the standard 65,000 workforce that carries out duties year-round in the area.

Jace Tyrrell, chief executive of New West End Company, said: “London’s West End is primed and ready for a spectacular start to the Christmas shopping season this Black Friday. We expect to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to the world’s favourite retail destination over the coming weekend, and this year looks set to bring takings back up to pre-economic slowdown levels.

“To ensure savvy shoppers enjoy a combination of savings and exemplary service, the West End has recruited thousands of extra employees to support visitors throughout the area. Our aim is to ensure shoppers enjoy seasonal deals in a magical setting, making this Black Friday one to remember for years to come.”