Love Island retail trends: online fashion sales grew by a tenth during the reality show


Data compiled by the global affiliate network, which tracks thousands of retailers’ sales each day, looked at sales in the Health & Beauty, Sports & Fitness, and Fashion sectors for the duration of the latest season of Love Island (28th June – 23rd August).

The research found that online sales in the fashion sector flourished during Love Island, with the number of sales up +11% for the eight weeks of the show, compared with the same period before. Meanwhile, the value of sales during the timeframe was up +14%.

In comparison, Health & Beauty sales fell by -9% in the same time period, with the Sports & Fitness sector experiencing a less pronounced decrease of -2%.

Looking closer at online Sports & Fitness sales during Love Island and the Olympics, it was revealed that the reality show had more influence than the Games; relevant sales during the first week of Love Island were +17% higher than the first week of the Olympics, while they were +36% higher when compared with the second week of the reality show.

Compared with the eight-week period before Love Island, fashion sales were higher during each week, peaking at +19% greater in the first week of the show, and +22% in the final week.

Commenting on the findings, Lee Metters, retail client partner at, said: “Much of what we found was unsurprising; Love Island works so closely with fashion brands and the contestants wear new items daily, sales in this sector were bound to have a strong eight weeks. It was however interesting to see that Love Island seemed to have a greater effect on sports & fitness sales than the Olympic games did.”