Löwenzahn Organics, a leading European organic baby food company, launches in UK


Organic baby food company, Löwenzahn Organics, has announced the UK launch of their popular organic baby formula enriched in nutrients and made in Austria from 100% organic milk from pasture grazed cows. The German based company, which has seen great success in Germany and across the continent, will now open up their offering to British parents in search of high quality and traceable organic products for their babies and toddlers.

Now available exclusively at Whole Foods, the organic baby formula contains crucial Omega 3 & 6 for nerve and brain development and GOS (prebiotic) to assist with digestion, together with the highest standard organic produce to ensure babies have the best possible start in life.

Löwenzahn Organics is also the first organic baby food company to offer 100% transparency on their products via a traceability code, allowing the much needed reassurance for parents to know exactly what they are feeding their children and where it has come from.

Key product facts:

  • First 100% traceable baby formula
  • Made in Austria with organic milk from pasture grazed cows
  • Rich in valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (ARA & DHA) and suitable for vegetarians
  • Including galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) to assist digestion; designed as closely as possible to breast milk
  • Palm oil sourced only from RSPO certified farms

Based in Berlin, Liz Sauer Williamson, Carmen Lazos Wilmking and Alice Mrongovius shared a passion as they entered the world of motherhood to offer the same in terms of taste, quality and way of production to their toddlers and newborns as adults do. By blending the best organic produce together with the latest nutritional science standards and product origin traceability, they’ve created a product for parents to feel 100% confident in their feeding choices for the first time.

It was from the importance of tracing exactly what you are feeding your baby whilst not compromising on nutrition which got the three founders talking and inspired them to create a new standard for organic baby foods – they are ‘three mamas on a mission’.

Originally launched in Germany, renowned for its love of quality bio-products, ethical farming practices and fresh produce, their new baby formula has since proved to be a pantry must-have for parents across the country and wider Europe.

Liz Sauer Williamson, Löwenzahn Organics co-founder, comments: “As soon as you have children, your perspective on nutrition changes. It was important to us to offer the best possible foods for babies that is all the while produced fairly and in accordance with our natural resources. We’re excited to finally bring our product to the UK with Whole Foods, and look forward to helping British parents give the perfect start to their baby’s life.”

The Löwenzahn Organics Baby Formula will be available exclusively from January 21st at the following Whole Foods stores: Camden, Stoke Newington, Kensington, Piccadilly Circus, Richmond, Fulham and Clapham Junction

Full store addresses can be found here and at: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.co.uk

RRP: £14.99