Lunch hour halved for majority of UK workforce, new Primula survey finds

Lunch time: falling out of favour with UK workers

Lunch time: falling out of favour with UK workers

The UK’s workforce is in danger of losing its taste for lunchtime, according to a Primula survey into the nation’s eating habits.

Over 1,000 Brits from across the UK were surveyed to find out how they prepare and enjoy their lunch, how long they spend eating it, as well as who they’d most like to eat their lunch with.

The majority of respondents (58%) in full-time or part-time employment eat lunch at their desk by themselves, taking less than 30 minutes a day to enjoy it. A fifth of respondents (20%) in full-time employment also stated they spent less time at lunch than they did 12 months previously.

Over half of those surveyed (57%) prepared their lunch at home and took it into work, with only 11% buying their lunch either at the office canteen or nearby shop or cafe.

People were also asked which famous person from the world of music, film, politics and sport they most like to eat lunch with. George Clooney was the overall favourite with 22% of those surveyed voting for him, 13% for David Beckham, 11% for Barack Obama and 10% for Jennifer Aniston. However, given the option, more people would choose to eat their lunch with partners, family or friends rather than celebrities.

Craig Brooks, marketing director for Primula, said: “We were really surprised to see from our survey the UK seems to be  falling out of love with lunchtime, with more and more people taking less than 30 minutes a day to eat their lunch alone at their desk. 

“As a nation we appear to be working increasingly longer and more demanding hours, whilst trying to cram in lunch on the go, so people are looking for convenient options that offer real value for money. 

“We think Primula is the perfect ingredient to help people make the most of their shorter lunch breaks. Available in five flavours, it’s not only great squeezed straight from the tube on to bread, oatcakes and crackers, but is also fantastic at adding extra taste to sandwiches and wraps.”