Lush has launched a brand new fresh subscription service


For those looking to freshen-up their skincare or gift someone else a fresh take on self care this year, Lush has launched a brand new fresh subscription service. Customers can subscribe for £35 a month including next day delivery and receive a selection of the freshest cosmetics. This concept is inspired by the Parisian Fresh shop which is bursting with freshly made products as well as locally and ethically sourced flowers.

Fresh air, a freshly made bed, and a fresh face. The best things in life are fresh. Exclusive products made by the Lush chefs are delivered to subscribers within 48 hours of being made so that customers can benefit from the very best of the carefully crafted ingredients, with zero preservatives.

Best used fresh – The products are best used on the day they are delivered, or as soon as possible.

Sign up, subscribe and have a look at the new bespoke website for the new fresh subscription service here: