Lush opens two concept shops and second biggest shop in mainland Europe


Fresh handmade cosmetics brand Lush have opened the doors to two brand new concept shops – Fresh & Flowers in Paris and the Lush Perfume Library in Florence – and their second biggest shop in Europe in Munich.

At a time when revitalisation is needed more than ever, these new destination shops aim to bring more beautiful cosmetics, tech innovations and creative personal experiences than ever before to high streets across mainland Europe.

The new concept shops follow the success of Lush’s recently opened Naked shops in Milan, Berlin, Manchester and Hong Kong and their #LushLabs Bath Bomb concept shop in Tokyo.

With retail space at 689 square meters and across three floors, Lush Munich is the largest retail investment by the brand in Europe following the opening of their world’s biggest shop in Liverpool, UK earlier this year.

In early October, the brand opened new shops in Clapham Junction and Paddington Station, further continuing their expansion in the UK.

“At a time when physical retail is coming under huge economic pressure, we are committed to ongoing investment in game-changing store concepts on the world’s high streets and malls, unrestricted by geographic borders, providing innovation and new customer experiences as suitable opportunities arise,” said Paul Wheatley, global property director at Lush.

Introducing…Fresh & Flowers in Paris

“Fresh isn’t just important, it defines us, said,” said Mo Constantine, Lush co-founder & product inventor.

Fresh is part of Lush’s heritage and is at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. They have been offering the freshest cosmetics on the market in every way for the past 24 years and now they are taking the creativity and years of expertise in this area one step further again.

The new shop – the brand’s first in the world – is inspired by the love French people have for fresh products bought at the market or in a Boulangerie. Offering an array of innovative and effective products for face, body and hair, without preservatives and some individually prepared by the team in the shop, Lush want to give customers the opportunity to adopt a fresh lifestyle and shop for the best, freshest cosmetics available. These products are the result of years of development in creating short life cosmetics from natural ingredients.

Following on from the recently opened permanent florists in Liverpool and Tokyo, the brand are also excited to bring this concept permanently to Paris and sell locally sourced and seasonal bouquets alongside fresh cosmetics in the exclusive store in Le Marais.

More than cosmetics in Munich

“When I was first thinking about starting a new company, I came to Munich and visited all of the supermarkets and organic food shops and saw their attitudes towards packaging. I wanted Lush to be a European brand and I took a lot of inspiration from Munich. Opening this shop feels a little like coming home,” said Mark Constantine Lush co-founder & managing director.

On Friday 8 November, Lush’s second biggest shop in Europe opened its doors in Munich. With retail space at 689 square meters and across three floors, the new location is the largest retail investment by the brand in Europe following the opening of their world’s biggest shop in Liverpool, UK earlier this year.

Lush Munich hosts an array of exciting concepts and brand new exclusives for the German market including a permanent Florist selling locally sourced and seasonal bouquets, a Perfume Library with exclusive perfumes and books on perfumery, a fair trade coffee kiosk and an Activist community space!

The Lush Perfume Library, Florence

The Lush Perfume Library in Florence houses the largest collection of Lush fragrances in the world; including a new collection of in-house perfumes that take customers on an olfactory journey inspired by the city of Florence and the Renaissance.

A unique place to awaken and arouse the senses, the shop offers visitors a spectacular perfume consultation based on humoural theory and the use of perfume as medicine in the Renaissance – a period when fragrance was a bespoke prescription suited directly to the needs of the individual, with the ability to rebalance the body and provide protection against illness.

“The Perfume Library had to be in Florence because it was the birthplace of modern perfumery during the Renaissance. It is hard to not take inspiration from such a place and we really indulged ourselves in its history, art and iconic sights,” said Constantine.

Alongside the fragrances, it houses a book collection of more than 70 titles on essential oils, aromatherapy, history and regeneration. The literature on sale aims to share insights on the art of perfumery, its creation process and the inspiration behind the new concept store