Luxury bath and body brand Sabon boosts e-commerce holiday sales by 35% with new personalisation solution

Dynamic Yield, the leading automated real-time personalisation and optimisation solution, announced that Sabon, an international luxury bath and beauty products retailer, has increased Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales 35% by implementing its personalisation solution. Sabon said it saw dramatic improvements across key performance metrics including user engagement, total page views, time spent on site and most importantly, sales.

Personalisation is an increasingly critical driver for successful optimisation of the digital shopping experience. Dynamic Yield’s solution exposes visitors to products and promotions that are relevant to their individual preferences, leading to an increase in ASP (average selling price), sales, user satisfaction, repeat visits and user engagement.

Dynamic Yield claims to empower marketing professionals to control the personalisation process without relying on IT involvement. The solution automatically personalises and optimises the user experience in real time based on performance, relevance and other key metrics.

With Sabon, Dynamic Yield optimised holiday offers displayed on the homepage, including video and promotional content during the key shopping days of the year. By “breaking down” the home page (and other web page elements) into many units, Sabon was able to test and optimise different variations of holiday offers and products they wished to try during those days. Dynamic Yield’s optimisation algorithms then chose the best variations to present in real time.

“For luxury brands like Sabon, delivering a personalised shopping experience online, like customers would receive in person, is a critical component to driving sales and improving the relationship between brand and customer,” said Dynamic Yield’s CEO Liad Agmon. “This holiday season, expectations soared for online shopping. Personalisation and automated optimisation helps brands maximise their e-commerce potential by delivering a tailored and optimized shopping experience that improves brand engagement, bolsters customer satisfaction, and ultimately, drives revenue.


This image (left) shows different homepage variations that Sabon presented to visitors during the holiday weekend and that were optimised automatically by Dynamic Yield’s solution to maximise sales and ROI.

Founded in 1997, Sabon said its founders have always been committed to providing industry leading customer service. Striving to exceed customer expectations by anticipating needs, desires and dreams, and by offering unrivalled levels of service. Utilising Dynamic Yield, Sabon was able to bring this same standard of service online, expanding and dramatically improving its e-commerce capabilities. Each visitor to Sabon’s site during Black Friday through to Cyber Monday was engaged based on past browsing behavior, referral data, and various other metrics. Dynamic Yield empowers marketing professionals to own the personalization process automatically and in real-time.

“With Dynamic Yield, we were able to optimize our homepage slideshow, upload different variations of standalone products and different sale offers to guide customers through the sales funnel,” said Hezi Rotem, CEO of Sabon. “Instead of theorising what would work best, we were able to try different promotions with Dynamic Yield’s automated algorithms. These enabled us to compose and generate crucial decisions in real time. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday piqued, optimisation initiatives were continuously being generated, even while we were offline without human involvement. As a result, we saw record conversions.”