Luxury Irish chocolatier, Lily O’Brien’s, introduces first range of indulgent chocolate bars


Lily O’Brien’s, the luxury Irish chocolatier, has introduced its first ever range of indulgent chocolate bars to retail shelves.


The brand conducted extensive research into the changing tastes of UK consumers, to ensure that the innovative recipes, uniquely different envelope packaging and 80g weight was just perfect for chocolate lovers – who love to indulge and treat themselves whilst watching evening television, or whilst on-the-go with friends.

The new Lily O’Brien’s range features seven unique recipes, designed to deliver an exceptionally indulgent taste experience. Each new signature bar is designed to appeal to premium chocolate consumers, with recipes ranging from the undeniable classics of Sea Salted Caramel and Malted Chocolate Crunch, to the foodie-inspired recipes of Orange & Bergamot and Peppermint Crunch with Basil.

The seven new premium chocolate bars from Lily O’Brien’s, which all retail at £2.00, are:

  • Foodies will love the scrumptiously delicious Lily O’Brien’s Irresistibly Milk Salted Caramel. Crack the mouth-watering chocolate shell to unleash a rush of luscious, slow-cooked caramel seasoned with Himalayan salt.
  • Sink into deep waves of dark chocolate rippled with silk ribbons of creamy, caramel infused white chocolate with the marbled Dulce de Leche, as beautiful as it is delicious.
  • Slip into the luxurious silk of creamy milk chocolate that slowly melts into the sweetness of mellow malt crisp with the all new Malted Chocolate Crunch.
  • Dissolve into intensely dark chocolate and unleash a burst of refreshing peppermint crisp with a twist of fragrant basil with the delectable Peppermint Crunch.
  • Melt into intensely creamy milk chocolate and surrender to a savoury-sweet burst of golden caramel crunch scattered with Atlantic salt crystals with an outright crowd pleaser, Caramel Crunch.
  • Surrender to intensely rich chocolate with a smooth velvet heart of chocolate and orange ganache infused with Italian Bergamot. The firm foodie favourite Orange & Bergamot Ganache is available in Delectably Dark or Irresistibly Milk Chocolate.

Three of the new Lily O’Brien’s premium bars recipes (Salted Caramel / Caramel Crunch / Malted Chocolate Crunch) are available exclusively from Asda stores in the UK, while the entire range can be ordered online at