Luxury travellers make up to 14 more purchases prior to holidays than non-luxury travellers, research finds


A Tale of Two Travellers_Rocket Fuel Infographic

Pre-holiday shopping can be busy – from picking out new designer items to avoiding insect repellent rip-offs. But how much are pre-holiday shoppers splashing the cash?

With sun-seekers jetting off on holiday, Rocket Fuel has looked at the online advertising conversions from over 240 thousand unique travellers to reveal the purchasing patterns of luxury and non-luxury travellers.

Key highlights of the Rocket Fuel research include:

  • Luxury travellers make up to 18 purchases prior to a trip, compared to four for non-luxury travellers based on Rocket Fuel’s conversion data
  • Both luxury and non-luxury travellers are more likely to convert on dining, retail, and entertainment ads prior to a trip than non-travellers
  • Prior to their trip, luxury travellers are more than 2x more likely than non-luxury travellers to book a reservation to dine out on steak. Comparatively, non-luxury travellers are 3.7x more likely to order a pizza
  • Non-luxury travellers booked an average of 22 days in advance of a trip, while luxury travellers booked 53 days on average before the trip

Dominic Trigg, Rocket Fuel’s SVP & MD Europe & emerging markets, said: “The infographic provides a visual snapshot of key findings that can inform retailers on the type of traveller to target. The insight from this study is actionable for advertisers looking to build a closer and more relevant relationship with their customers. Rocket Fuel’s AI-based media buying brings a wealth of non-obvious insights to consumer targeting and, as a consequence, drives higher-performing campaigns.”