MADE.COM focuses on the joy of ‘unboxing’ in January sale campaign


Online design brand, MADE.COM has unveiled a new campaign to promote its January sale which runs on TV, print, Out-of-Home (OOH), online and social channels.

Comprising of a range of 30-second, 20-second and 10-second spots on TV as well as full and half page print ads and OOH formats, the campaign breaks on 24 December and runs for six weeks in the UK, France and Germany.

Fabula, was briefed to create a sale campaign which wouldn’t detract from the brand’s design values.

The resulting work is built around the notion of ‘The Great Unboxing’, with the creative executions championing the feeling of receiving – and then ‘unboxing’ – a beautiful piece of design you’ve been eagerly awaiting.

Print layouts show a dancer poised with a pair of scissors, surrounded by boxes, while the TV spots show the same dancer in a jumpsuit, dancing as boxes explode around her and send coloured confetti flying.

In some of the print and TV executions, a statement lime green armchair is seen – typifying the standout design qualities the brand is known for.

As the dancer flicks and kicks various boxes, which explode like fireworks, the voiceover tells us to: ‘Get unboxing at MADE.COM.’

Win Kwok, brand director MADE.COM, explains: “With this campaign we are reflecting the personality of the company. The advert is joyful, even playful with a strong focus on design.”

Jennifer Black, managing director of Fabula added: “This work brings to life MADE.COM’s premium design values – and the fact that customers will enjoy up to 40% off in January. We sought to show how much customers enjoy MADE.COM products and the very act of ‘unboxing’ them.”