MADE.COM launches AI-powered product search tool, Shop Your Photos


Online design brand ​MADE.COM’​ s dedicated tech innovation team, MADE Labs, has launched a new AI-powered search tool called ‘S​ hop Your Photos’​, enabling its customers to find and shop MADE products based on their own photos or ​Pinterest Pins. ‘Shop Your Photos’ helps people in the research phase of redecorating who might have a wide catalogue of photo inspiration, and items or looks that they like, but no way to easily source products that fit their look. Customers can take or upload their photos, or log into Pinterest to grab one of their design inspiration Pins without leaving the MADE site. ‘Shop Your Photos’ will then identify either a single product or multiple products in a scene, before recommending the closest visual match for each item from MADE’s catalogue. Users can access ‘Shop Your Photos’ online through MADE.COM by selecting the camera icon in the search bar, or via MADE’s iOS app, available in the App Store. Developed in partnership with ​Visenze​, the tool is now available first in the UK, with plans to be rolled out across other European markets in 2021.

Building on a number of successes since its launch, including ​MADE’s online interior design service and ​Sofasizer​, ‘Shop Your Photos’ is MADE Labs’ latest project leveraging new technology to help customers ‘design their happy place’. MADE Labs works with start-ups and tech partners to readily test and prove innovative concepts. Unlike incubators run by many other companies, MADE Labs works closely with the rest of the business to turn the most successful ideas into action on MADE’s core platforms.

Nicola Thompson, chief operating officer of MADE,said: “‘Shop Your Photos’ is the latest example of how tapping into the incredible creativity of our start-up partners allows MADE Labs to bring the best ideas to our customers. MADE Labs is a key way for us to stay ahead of the rapidly changing needs of our customers as we continue to set design trends, rather than following them.”