offers mobile-enabled NFC in-store technology

On- and offlline furniture retailer MADE claims it will be one of the first to benefit from the announcement that the new Apple iPhones are NFC enabled.

MADE recently announced that it has integrated NFC tagging technology. Each product in the MADE showroom has an NFC tag that can simply be tapped with an NFC enabled mobile device, allowing shoppers to access product information, and to build and curate a wishlist for further consideration.

The experience is designed by a leading omni-channel technology pioneer, CloudTags, and enables shoppers to enjoy a unified, omni-channel brand experience through MADE’s in-store tablets. Shoppers using the new iPhone 6 and other NFC enabled mobile devices will now be able to access this technology and experience through their own phones.

With NFC technology integrated into the new iPhone, retailers can provide more personalised, interactive, and engaging in-store experiences for their shoppers than ever before without the need to download a native app for each retail brand.

MADE said it already gains valuable insight into consumer behaviour from the use of NFC tags which aids its marketing spend and stocking decisions, as well as providing shoppers with a truly omnichannel experience.

The trial of CloudTags at the Notting Hill showroom has shown that five out of 10 MADE consumers used a NFC enabled tablet in-store to engage with the omnichannel shopping experience. In addition, 21% of shoppers have opted-in to have their in-store digital collection emailed to them, while 41% of those shoppers continued the brand experience by browsing products on the MADE website. As a result of the in-store technology, MADE also saw a 15% increase in its average order value (AOV).

Annabel Kilner, head of UK, MADE, said: “MADE is continuously looking for ways to improve customer experience and this announcement from Apple enables us to enhance brand interaction with our customers. We can now provide the truly omni-channel experience our customers desire without any disruptions.”

Ollie Bath, UK managing director and co-founder of CloudTags, said: “Apple is extremely influential and its interest in NFC will undoubtedly ripple and encourage many businesses and brands to take a closer look at how they could benefit from the technology. CloudTags has been designing and optimising NFC customer experiences in-store for retailers for a couple of years already and this is a great development that will make our technology more engaging and change the traditional retail landscape dramatically.”