Mademoiselle Desserts launches French Mini Beignets at Spar in Scotland

Mademoiselle Desserts is launching its signature filled French Mini Beignets in UK retail, at Spar stores across Scotland. The products, which are the first retail launch of the premium sweet bakery manufacturer in the UK, will be hitting Spar’s shelves mid-August and will feature three different flavours: Chocolate & Hazelnut, Speculoos, and Double Choc.

While Mini Beignets might look like small doughnuts at first sight, they are actually very different and will bring a premium, more permissible French twist to everyday snacking and dessert occasions. Originating from Northern France, they are made with fresh and premium ingredients, injected with delicious fillings and finally dusted with icing sugar. This traditional recipe creates a unique eating experience, with a very light and airy sensation.

Their bite-size format along with the quality of their ingredients make them particularly relevant with today’s consumer needs: “Healthier eating has been a fast growing trend lately, and a real challenge for our sector”, says Gareth Jones commercial director at Mademoiselle Desserts UK Group.

“Paradoxically, while the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this trend further, it has also revived the need for comfort and indulgence, therefore making the importance of permissible treats even greater. Our Mini Beignets are a real delicacy with their indulgent fillings but their bite-size, along with the top quality ingredients we use, make them much healthier than usual doughnuts for both adults and kids.”

In addition to allowing better portion control, Mademoiselle Desserts’ Mini Beignets might prove particularly interesting to home workers. “Data has shown a strong increase in snacking since the first lockdown as people working from home are looking for multiple occasions to break their daily routine and reward themselves but also getting more opportunities to enjoy sweet breaks with their kids. This is leading to a growing need for smaller formats and multipacks, particularly in the sweet bakery arena,” says Jones. 

Mini Beignets on sale in Spar Scotland

Spar also believes this new product will be a great success amongst their customer base. “We love the beignets, they are unctuous and delicious with their very light dough and their punchy, flavourful taste,” says Stephen Brown, head of foodservice at CJ Lang, the Spar Wholesaler for the whole of Scotland.

“One of the things we love is the high level of filling in the beignets which allows you to get some of the gooey centre in every bite. We think that kids will love the Mini Beignets but that they will also appeal across all age ranges”.

Regarding flavours, Brown already has an idea of what will please customers but is already eyeing to future opportunities for the range: “The chocolate and Hazelnut flavour may well quickly become the best seller, but we love the Speculoos and Double Choc just as much! Due to the broad range of flavours available from Mademoiselle Desserts, we will look to have Seasonal Specials of other flavours, and rotate core flavours over time to give our customers greater choice.”