Majestic customers to choose new international craft beer

Beer Festival: customer input

Beer Festival: customer input

As part of its annual Beer Festival, Majestic Wine has tasked customers with choosing a new international craft beer to join its range in all 210 stores across the country.

The Beer Festival, Majestic’s second nationwide beer event, ran in-store over Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October. A diverse range of craft, international and local beers will be open to taste and Store Managers will be running a one-hour Beer Masterclass.

At last year’s festival, customers voted which local British craft beer should be added to the Majestic range. Naked Ladies from Twickenham Fine Ales won and was later added to the range. This year, customers will be selecting a new international craft beer for the range.

There are two international craft beers in the running: Einstok Toasted Porter from Iceland and Abita Purple Haze from Louisiana. Both beers, neither which are currently in stock in Majestic, will be open to taste and customers will vote for their favourite. The beer, which wins the vote, will be stocked nationwide from February 2017.

John Colley, Managing Director of Majestic Retail, says: “Majestic isn’t just about wine. We have a better selection of craft, international and local beer than anyone else and the best people to guide customers through the range.

We want our customers to tell us what they like, not for us to tell them what they should like! Rather than following trends, we want the British Public to set their own and we’re uniquely placed to make this happen.”