Majestic’s new website puts customer feedback centre-stage


After an online overhaul, Majestic is launching a brand new website this October.

The company’s customer-centric new site will offer a more interactive experience, with a primary focus on feedback and wine ratings, which will give customers a greater influence over the Majestic range. After purchasing, customers will be given the chance to leave “Buy It Again” ratings on all wines and poor performing wines will be lost to the Majestic range.

“Our customers have requested a slicker, faster and more interactive website.” explains Natalie Th’ng, Head of .com Development. “We wanted to take their feedback and make them the central focus of the new website. They will become the ultimate decision makers with enormous influence over which wines we stock and which we don’t. ”

New features on the website also include the ability for customers to buy tickets for wine tasting events at local stores and a live newsfeed from each branch. Stores will have complete control over what they communicate and the events they hold.

This follows the launch of the Majestic Franchise-Lite scheme last month, giving store managers more autonomy and empowering and rewarding them for giving 5 star customer service.

“The new website needed to reflect the great service our store managers are giving in our stores.” Customer director Josh Lincoln said. “Launching the new site is another important step in our transformation. Our stores will now have a direct line of communication with their customers, we’ll be able to keep them posted about exclusive local events, and hear their feedback on our wines”.