Maker of model building kit, Arckit, claims to be overwhelmed with orders from worldwide toy retailers

Thousands of children are expected to wake up with a surprise this Christmas morning after a professional architectural design kit has swept the toy market.

Modular building system Arckit was invented as a tool for architects and home builders, but the realistic model kit quickly inspired hobbyists and youngsters.

And with Christmas fast approaching, makers of the kits have been overwhelmed by orders from worldwide toy retailers as well as requests from parents.

The kits, which allow anyone to construct realistic models of buildings, are perfect to use alongside other popular model kits. 

After winning multiple awards including a coveted Parents Choice Gold Medal, the craze for Arckit shows no signs of slowing down on the run up to Christmas.

Arckit have seen sales rocket dramatically in the last four weeks as people begin their Christmas shopping, with figures expected to increase over the coming weeks.

 The product is stocked in Harrods alongside Meccano and has recently appeared on the shelves of all 445 Barnes & Noble stores across the US.

 Arckit was developed as a design tool by architect Damien Murtagh as a way to show his clients physical models rather than computer generated 3D models.

The kit is now a popular gift for budding young architects and children aged ten upwards who love designing, constructing and playing with model buildings.

 Creator Damien Murtagh said: “Weve seen the popularity of Arckit steadily grow since we launched just 17 months ago and the increased demand in recent weeks has taken us by surprise.

 “Its a great product for older children – it allows them to be creative and is a big step up from other modelling toys. The design possibilities are endless.

“When I developed Arckit it was initially created for professional architects, although we could see the potential for older children who were into modelling.

“It’s based on modern panelled building techniques, and uses interconnecting components that allow users to create a vast range of structures.

“So you could create anything from a simple, one storey dwelling or something much more complex and challenging.”

He concludes: “This is the perfect Christmas gift for young people who love to create and build – the added bonus is it’s educational too.”