Malton Foods extends portfolio of convenience ready meals in Asda stores


Malton Foods has extended its portfolio of convenience ready meals, sides and snacks with a range of five new products launching in Asda stores in March.

Malton Foods, under the ownership of the Zwanenberg Food Group, has continued to build on its savoury meal range, introducing new additions to its existing Pot Stuff range in the growing snacking category, while adding a couple of category firsts in the more established hot canned meats sector.

The Pot Stuff snack pots range has expanded with the addition of two dishes – Irish Stew and Chinese Chicken Curry – to the already successful Meatballs & Pasta, Beef Stew & Dumplings and Chilli & Wedges. Pot Stuff has already proved to be a popular line with shoppers and is positioned as the perfect lunchtime alternative to a sandwich or pastry. With a cooking time of only two and a half minutes and a low price of £1.99 consumers are guaranteed a quick, affordable and tasty meal.

Westlers, a Malton Foods brand, has also released the ‘ULTIMATE’ All Day Breakfast which aims to tap into the growing consumer demand for more convenience, by moving away from the traditional canned heritage seen in other breakfast products, to a plastic packaging solution. It has been designed with big appetites in mind with each tray loaded with sausages and bacon, alongside a separate serving of beans, potatoes and omelette. Each tray weighs 350g and has a recommended retail price of £2.

Robert Burns, marketing controller at Malton Foods, said: “The ‘ULTIMATE’ All Day Breakfast is a game changer and really modernises the ambient meat market. It is convenience food at its very best. Quick to serve, satisfying and meaty, ideal for those looking for a hearty, tasty meal.”

Westlers’ ‘Microwaveable Meatballs’ are a range of 250g meatball pots available in three classic individual varieties of gravy, tomato and bolognese sauce.

Burns said: “The meatball range has been designed to add extra convenience to an established family favourite. Ready in just two minutes from the microwave to plate, and with easy portion control, the meatballs are an essential dinnertime requirement for time pressured mums.”

Branded in bright colourful character packs, based around classic childhood themes, the Westlers Microwaveable Meatballs are designed to have maximum impact on shelf and will retail at just £1 per pack.

Burns said: “Westlers Microwaveable Meatballs pots are a first for the ambient hot canned meat category. The convenience the new packaging provides will allow them to become a more frequent part of mum’s mealtime repertoire.”