Manchester-based distillery announces collaboration with Cheshire’s Beartown Brewery to create new Tom Gin

Zymurgorium, the creator of never-seen before gins and liqueurs, has teamed up with Beartown Brewery, an award-winning Cheshire based brewery, to produce a new powerhouse gin, The Cub.  

The Cub is a fantastic fusion of brewery and distillery, where master distiller meets master brewer to produce the Bear and Bee love child, The Cub. 

Launching officially onto shelves from 19th August, The Cub features a striking bottle design, appealing to both gin and beer lovers alike.

The collaboration between the brands will look to reach new audiences of both gin and beer drinkers, an enticing product that looks to combine distillery and brewery into one bottle. The Cub will also look to target both a male and female audience.

Retailers confirmed to stock The Cub include Amber Taverns and Hogarths Gin Palaces, as well as being available on the Zymurgorium website, priced at RRP £25.00. It will also be available from from November.

The Cub is the first collaboration between Zymurgorium and Beartown Brewery, looking to enchant and delight gin connoisseurs and beyond with its refreshingly irresistible flavours.

Looking to make every moment epic, the origins of Zymurgorium began with one idea…then a million more. Starting off life in a humble shed in Northern Moor with foraged botanicals, Zymurgorium was borne from a love of all things scientific and natural, a passion that continues to this very day. 

The Beartown Brewery story began in 1632, when Congleton, a town in Cheshire, sold its bible to buy a Bear. From that day forward, Congleton was given a new name, Beartown.

An expertly crafted blend of Beartown Brewery sumptuous Citra and Mosaic hops gently distilled, paired with the finest juniper, lemon, lime and vanilla, The Cub is a new Tom style gin.

Modelled on Old Tom Gin, a sweeter style of gin, and lighter, too, Old Tom was a hugely popular style in the late 1800s, a notorious tipple as London’s gin scene was driven underground. Drinkers would look for cat-shaped wall plaques, where they would drop a coin in the cat’s mouth and a shot of gin would be dispensed from a tube.

Bursting with flavour and fantastic as part of a G&T or cocktail mix, The Cub is best served with a slice of lime or sprig of mint.

Aaron Darke, founder of Zymurgorium, said: “At Zymurgorium, we are always looking to discover new flavours as well as combining flavours and ingredients that are different and exciting.” 

“The collaboration between Zymurgorium and Beartown Brewery has been on the cards for a long time, to us it’s a match made in heaven, a true collaboration showcasing the mastery of both distilling and brewing. We hope this product will extend our core audience, appealing to new markets.” 

Joe Manning, managing director of Beartown Brewery said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Zymurgorium on this inventive collaboration. Beartown Brewery has always aspired to be innovative in our approach to the craft beer industry, and we feel that The Cub is just that.” 

The Zymurgorium distillery has the incredible capacity to produce nearly 70 million bottles a year, equating to a staggering 20,000km if laid end-to-end.

The business was launched by Aaron Darke in 2013 with a multi-million pound investment into the development of a new distillery, state of the art bottling line; whilst developing a range of internal systems including implementation of the SALSA standard.

Known for its distinct industry innovations including the world’s first Parma Violet gin liqueur and the world’s first Ruby Chocolate rum, Zymurgorium has over 30 plus spirits and liqueurs in its range, including a host of new alcoholic innovations set to launch this year.

Beartown Brewery was officially born in 1994, and blossomed in a world of cask beer – the pinnacle of craft brewing and has over the years added bottles, cans and kegs to the range. Regardless of beer style or vessel, the one thing that runs through the core of all Beartown Brewery beers, is quality craftsmanship and flavours.

The Cub launches on Thursday 19th August, priced at RRP £25.00. It will be available in stores across the UK, including Amber Taverns and Hogarths Gin Palaces and other outlets, as well as direct from the Zymurgorium shop at and in November.