Mancunians are Britain’s savviest internet shoppers, according to online data


When it comes to looking for online bargains, Mancunians are the savviest shoppers in the UK, according to figures released in a new study. Visits to the money saving website over the last six months from Manchester equate to 19.5% of the city’s population, a higher percentage than from any other city in the UK.

Just behind the savvy Mancs are the bargain hunting Geordies with an equivalent of 18.26% of the Newcastle upon Tyne population visiting the site, whilst in third place is Nottingham with a figure of 14.99%.

Liverpool, Leicester, Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London completed the top ten. Meanwhile, those least interested in saving cash with their online spends were the residents of Wakefield with visitor figures equating to just 1.43% of the West Yorkshire city’s population, with Sunderland (2.16%) and Bradford (2.29%) also in the lowest three.

Analysing statistics from the 25 most populated cities in the UK, also found that 25-34 year olds are the most likely to use vouchers to get discounts online in every city across the UK.

Stoke-on-Trent has the savviest OAPs in the whole of the UK with an equivalent figure of 7% of those over 65 years of age in the city looking for shopping voucher deals, a much higher figure than in Sunderland, for example, where that number was just 2%.

Categories of goods and services for which shoppers look for discounts also varied significantly throughout the UK, though fashion rules on this front with an average of 39% of visitors saving in this category. This is followed by 22% of those saving on food & drink and an average of 8% on travel.

The city whose population save the most on food & drink is Belfast with 36% of online shoppers looking for saving on their nibbles and tipples. In the travel category Londoners top the charts with 20% of online shoppers from the capital using travel vouchers. Given the high travel costs in London and the rise of taxi applications such as Uber, this is not surprising.

Women dominate savvy shopping on a national scale with a 66% female vs 34% male split. This rises to 70% in both Cardiff and Wolverhampton where females are even savvier.

Nationwide, an average of 38% of savvy shoppers are using mobile verses desktop & tablet devices, whilst London comes out on top as the city with the highest percentage of mobile users with a 50/50 split.

Consumers are also becoming more aware of using voucher codes to save money online. Research carried out in February of this year saw a 43% increase in consumers frequently using voucher codes compared to 2014. Meanwhile 2014 was the first instance of online sales in the UK exceeding £100bn in one year, with the 2015 total predicted to reach £116bn.

Shane Forster, UK country manager from, said: “We really want to increase awareness for consumers who live in certain areas of the UK who are missing out on saving opportunities that are available online. Voucher codes can really help families cut costs, especially at expensive times of the year, such as Christmas. With Black Friday, the biggest shopping day with the best deals and promotions of the year at the end of this month, we are especially keen to make sure that consumers know about the great offers that are available at this time of year. Having a peek at last year it looks like the savviest city using on Black Friday 2014 was Newcastle upon Tyne, followed by Liverpool and then Manchester, so we are also really interested to see if the northern cities keep up their savvy tactics over the Black Friday weekend this year again.”