Mango partners with Shazam to let customers choose what music to play in store


MANGO continues to create unique digital experiences in its points of sale, this time the brand does it partnering with Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The project has been carried out by Mood Media.

The mobile marketing solution Shazam In-Store will be available in 20 stores in Spain, where customers will have the opportunity to connect through Shazam in order to access MANGO’s playlists and to be able to choose the songs they would like to play in the store while shopping. The Spanish multinational company becomes the first fashion brand in Europe to offer this unique musical experience in its points of sale.

Shazam In-Store will be customized by MANGO and will include signature multimedia content, such as campaigns, special offers and the latest features of the season. In addition, it will allow users to access all of its social networks, including the Spotify channel launched in August 2016.

With this initiative MANGO continues to advance in the digitization of its points of sale and the improvement of its customers’ shopping experience. Currently more than 64% of the online purchases of the firm are generated through smartphone. In addition, the company has just launched two new digital projects, e-Ticket and digital tester, and since the end of the year has developed a payment system through mobile devices in order to streamline the purchase process in store.