ManoMano appoints OneStock to optimise UK fulfilment logistics for DIY marketplace


ManoMano has appointed OneStock to optimise fulfilment logistics in the UK and across Europe, ensuring the best possible purchasing experience for customers. 

The pureplay home improvement, DIY and gardening products retailer acts as a marketplace, with a proportion of orders shipped directly from merchants. It is partnering with order management specialist OneStock to manage all UK warehouse and merchant stock, enabling appropriate guaranteed delivery dates for shoppers and freeing merchants from logistical constraints. 

ManoMano will initially implement an OMS (order management system). This will allow it to unify all warehouse and merchant stock inventory, monitor stock flow and orchestrate the delivery of orders to comfortably meet delivery commitments. 

The retailer has already rolled out its ‘ManoMano Fulfilment’ service in France and Spain which promises delivery in either 24 or 48 hours, contributing to an increase in customer satisfaction of 35% in these territories. It is collaborating with OneStock to extend this feature to customers in the UK, Italy and Germany. 

Founded in 2013 and now one of the top 20 most visited websites in France, ManoMano works with 2,500 merchants across Europe and grew by 50% last year, reporting £552 million in sales.  

“To become the online leader in DIY, home and garden retail in Europe, we must provide high-quality services to our merchants and customers,” said Mathieu Bousquet, Delivery Manager at ManoMano. “OneStock’s technology matches our values of ingenuity and agility and will support the evolution of our business needs.” 

ManoMano is also using technology to enhance returns. Using simplified interfaces and processes, in a few clicks customer service staff will be able to cancel or modify an order, ship an item or an entire order again as well as manage refunds.  

“The cornerstone of a retailer’s IT system, an optimised OMS is particularly important for a marketplace business,” said Romulus Grigoras, CEO of OneStock. “Operational excellence in terms of inventory management and order processing will ensure ManoMano’s rapid development and strong future growth as the European market leader.”