Marc Demarquette launches Fabergé-inspired Easter eggs

Fabergé-inspired Easter eggs

Fabergé-inspired Easter eggs

Luxury British chocolatier, Marc Demarquette, has launched Fabergé-inspired Easter eggs as part of its 2014 Chocolate Easter collection.

Marc Demarquette has created a contemporary Easter Egg trio in chocolate caramel flavours of Banoffee, Key Lime and Sea Salt Caramel.

The colourful design on the eggs, which sets out to capture a spirit of liveliness and fun, is inspired by Fabergé’s Spiral Egg collection.

The Easter Eggs are available in boxes of six hen-sized eggs and 12 quail-sized eggs. They are made in either Demarquette’s award winning 71.1% CacaoLux pure dark chocolate for the Salted Caramel egg or a smooth triple origin milk chocolate for both the Tangy Key lime and the sweet Banoffee eggs.

They are presented in an Easter Gift box, decorated with a bespoke gold Spiral Egg logo.


Six hen sized egg Gift Box: RRP £25.00

12 quail sized egg Box: RRP £19.75