Marketers’ membership organisation launches guide to omni-channel personalisation


The CMO Club, a membership organisation exclusively for engaged senior marketing executives for peer based learning and professional and personal growth; Revionics, the global provider of proven end-to-end merchandise optimisation solutions that enable retailers to make fact-based merchandise planning decisions; and 5one, a retail global consultancy that specialises in enabling retail transformation from product-centric to customer-centric, have released the CMO Guide to Omni-channel Personalisation.

Through a rich collection of peer insights and examples from top retailers including GameStop, Godiva, The Home Depot, Jamba Juice, JCrew, Michaels, OfficeMax, Petco, Quiznos, Roundy’s Supermarkets, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sears/Kmart, the guide provides actionable insights and critical enablers into how this select group of CMOs are responding to today’s informed and connected shopper that shops at-home, in-store and on-the-go and is demanding a seamless and more personal experience. 

“Nothing is more powerful for CMOs than to learn from their peers. This report reflects insights from some of the top CMOs in the world along with the expertise of 5one and Revionics, making it a must read for any CMO in or selling through the retail industry,” said Pete Krainik, founder and CEO, The CMO Club. 

Today’s shoppers are fierce and in control of the path to purchase. Winning their mindshare and business requires enhanced engagement that shifts the interaction with shoppers from a one-way monologue to a two-way dialogue in any channel. Successful retailers are achieving this through strategies that incorporate segmentation, digital, mobile and social technologies that engage shoppers where they are with compelling, personalised content – offers, value, rewards – with the ability to participate and advocate.

According to brickmeetsclick, 64% of retailers interviewed in a survey agreed that shoppers are more willing to share personal data today, but the exchange will be personal data for personalised offers. Additionally, studies show 74% of shoppers rely on social networks to help guide their purchase and that they spend 11% more per transaction after interacting with other consumers online.

“Omni-channel personalisation is about customers, not channels or products,” said Karen Dutch, senior vice president of marketing at Revionics. “Leveraging science and predictive analytics to more granularly understand shopper behavior drives more compelling offers. Through the use of cutting edge social platforms retailers can build deeper and more profitable two-way dialogues with shoppers.”

“There are several keys to success in the omni-channel personalisation world, but the singular most important first step is clearly defining your customer engagement strategy that will lead to a seamless, consistent, positive customer experience,” said Nadine Dietz, senior vice president of global marketing and business development at 5one.

The CMO Guide highlights 

This CMO Guide to Omnichannel Personalisation includes best practices and demonstrates how retailers are creating a more comprehensive 360 degree view of the shopper, tackling big data unknowns, partnering more with IT, developing the engagement strategy, leveraging analytics, deploying sophisticated optimisation engines, communicating seamlessly through every channel and continuously reapplying learning’s. The topics include: 

•    Peer definition of omni-channel personalisation
•    Shifting interaction from a monologue to a dialogue in every channel
•    Blueprint of critical enablers for execution and efficiency
•    Future outlook on the customer experience
•    Keys for success