Marketing agency seeks to link up retailers and brands

Orrell: linking consumer, retailer and brand

Orrell: linking consumer, retailer and brand

Marketing agency Golley Slater has launched a new service, which combines its experience in working with FMCG brands and top retailers with insight into shopper behaviour.

Golley Retail is described as an amalgamation of its retail and shopper marketing business. It pools almost 10 years’ experience in providing solutions to brands with 20% growth in retail marketing-related accounts in 2010.

Tim Orrell, managing director, said: “Because we work for both brands and retailers we know what each party is looking for. Combine this with an in-depth understanding of the consumer and their shopper journey and we’ve hit on a winning formula that balances what we believe are the three key considerations for successful retail marketing.”

The company claims Golley Retail’s point of difference stems from its experience in tackling a brief from three perspectives – the consumer, the retailer and the marketer. Current clients include Asda, Procter & Gamble and beauty and haircare company, Vivalis.

Orrell said: “We attack every brief back to front. First, the team here are shoppers, almost to the point of compulsion, so we start every brief from the perspective of the consumer. It’s not until we have identified consumer insight we start to apply our expertise of retail marketing. Layer on top of this our insider knowledge of the retailer’s scope and restrictions and we have a cost effective solution that pleases both the retailer and the manufacturer but most importantly works for the consumer too.”

Joanne Marshall at Vivalis said: “All too often time is wasted by agencies generating ideas that are great for us, and indeed answer our brief, but in reality will never make it past the drawing board because they conflict with what a retailer will permit. It’s incredibly reassuring knowing an agency has considered and understands these issues before we’ve even sat down. We come to meetings knowing the Golley team will provide us with straight talking and common-sense guidance.”

Golley Slater said the Golley Retail launch is also based on the belief brands can no longer expect to drive sales through a standalone advertising campaign or one-off in-store promotions. Golley Retail’s approach highlights the importance of working on through-the-line strategies, which hit every aspect of the shopper journey, it said.

Victoria Philip, Asda health and beauty, said: “The work we receive from Golley Retail is always bespoke and fresh, with creative that motivates customers to buy because they base their work on real consumer insights.”

Orrell said: “Feedback from our clients has shown millions can be spent above-the-line, repositioning the way brands are perceived, but the challenge is for this to be translated in store to ensure the product stands out from the competition and, in turn, for consumers to think of it in a different way.”